Jets take a look at Hawkins

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by bbabin, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. bbabin

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  2. BadMoFo

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    Why of course. Next they'll look at Chris Patrick, Kyle Bissinger, Josh Miller and Tom Malone. And on Saturday, it'll be like Christmas for them.
  3. BoTown

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    But of course.
  4. Captain Cliche

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    I have this visual image of of Mangina rumaging through the Pats dumpster and BB shooing him away with a broom.
  5. zippo59

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    Don't do it Hawk.
  6. RayClay

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    They'd be crazy not to. They always seem to be short in the secondary.

    Sorry for Poteat fans, but if they can use him, how can Hawkins not make the squad? He's only 31 I believe.
  7. amazinPats

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    Why not when our tossed away bottlecaps make good jewelry for their team?
  8. T-ShirtDynasty

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    First Hank, and now Hawk? That's just not right.

    At least they don't have Klecko too, or I might really go around the bend.
  9. Crazyeechrispats1

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    Bad Mangina Bad
    We can only hope that Hawkins has to much love for the Patriots still in his dark days and if he joins the dark side he truly will be like James Earl Jones with that deep voice of his.
  10. Gunnails

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    Well Mangini use to coach him so I guess there is an existing relationship. Leave no stone unturned in the quest for a better team.

    I am surprised though because the Jets have good depth at CB and safety.
  11. broadwayjoe

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    Good Point!! I think it makes sense for them to at least look at Hawkins he would be a help to their secondary depth.
  12. LaBrady

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    Its more like green side :D
  13. cloud34

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    Just a coincidence we open with the Jets in 11 days too, right?
  14. Gunnails

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    Vic Green, Otis Smith, and Ray Mickens.Anthony Plesant, Bobby Hamilton, Rick Lyle, Steve Martin, Roman Phifer, Dedric Ward, Vinny Testeverde...not too mention Bellichek, Crenell, Weiss, Mangini...and others.

    Who else am I leaving out that turned to the darkside after leaving the Jets?

    Players change teams, what do you care were they go after your team cuts them.

    I would say the odds are 50/50 that the Pats pick up a Jets castoff before they play one of there games,
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  15. PATRIOT64

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    A customer of mine that visits my store often says that she used to date Artrell Hawkins that she met early in his career and met him when he lived in New York.

    I am going to have to ask her when I see her this week about when she sees Artrell next time (which she runs into him at times) if she can get a bit of info on how the Jets are negotiating with him and how the Pats found it hard to let him go.
  16. jbb9s

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    Nice player. Long term backup played well at times but horribly at other times. Came across as being really slow, although I am not a stat geek or film guru.

    Deserves a job in the NFL. Not a job on the the league's best team.
  17. jbb9s

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    Could the Jets just sign him to pick his brain and break down film?
  18. jczxohn1

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    Hawk can probably play, but that is no doubt, part of the allure. Poteat's info is no doubt getting stale.
  19. Rob0729

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    In all fairness, Mangini did coach Hawkins here when he was DC here and the secondary was Mangini's specialty. But I do agree that the Jets want to clone the Patriots.

    I wonder if they will fail just like the Dolphins did and the Browns appear too. Remember, Saban had one good year before it all collapsed.

    It is funny. One of the hot stories last offseason was how the Pats can't get free agents anymore because they had Saban, Crennel, and Mangini fighting for the same types of players. No one is talking about that this year are they? People seemed to forget that it is more than just getting the right free agent players for the system, you also need the right coaching staff and players around them.
  20. mgteich

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    How can Hawkins not be at least competitive with the 7th - 9th defensive back on the jets' roster? He has to be worth a look. We cut him early just so that he could have this opportunity. Many of of us would have kept him to the end in case of injury.

    I would have. I would have cut Anam or Baker instead of Hawkins.

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