Jets QB Sanchez back at practice, still learning his colors.

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    The real article: Jets QB Sanchez back at practice, status uncertain -

    My version: altered from the original.

    FLORHAM PARK, N.J.β€”Mark Sanchez was back on the field taking snaps for the New York Jets, ready to reclaim his starting job. Now, it's all up to his recognition of the colored cue cards .

    "I felt good today," Sanchez said Wednesday. "We'll see how it goes, play it day to day and talk to the teachers again (Thursday). But I feel confident."Sanchez practiced for the first time since relearning his colors using Crayola crayons.

    Coach Rex Ryan wants to be make sure he knows the difference between burnt sienna and brown before deciding whether he or Kellen Clemens will start against Atlanta on Sunday.

    "He hasn't worked like this color-wise for a while, so we'll see how he responds," Ryan said. "Kindergarten was a long time ago - we had to retrain his brain. He flunked art in the 1st and 2nd grades which makes our job tougher".

    Sanchez practiced with Crayola crayons and split the snaps with the first-team offense with Clemens. Sanchez is also wearing a color chart on his left arm but wasn't sure if he'd wear one on both arms if he plays Sunday at the Meadowlands.

    "Coach Ryan said I might need an additional color chart placed on Mangolds butt ... we'll see if I know enough colors by then" Sanchez said. "I wanted to stick to the 16 and 24 crayon pack - but Coach Ryan insisted I learn the Crayola 64 count box- man it was tough but I sat in with a local 1st grade - those kids were a big help" Sanchez said.
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