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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Bill B., Dec 20, 2005.

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    Patriots should win this one easily. Brady throws for two TDs and Dillon runs for one. Defense doesn't allow a TD again. Pats win 21-9.
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    You expect Nugent to hit three.

    How many times do you expect the Jets to drive into Patriot territory? Do you expect Nugent to be successful on every attempt? I think it's more likely to see him miss 2 or 3 long (45 yards or more) attempts.

    Any score the Jets make will likely be a pass play of 40 or more yards as the result of a blown coverage. Our secondary is getting better but they still make costly mistakes. I think that one pass play is likely to be a garbarge time touchdown.

    I think our offensive second stringers (most of whome have started at some time this season) can score against the Jets. I think we'll score one with Flutie at QB.

    My prediction is 17-0 at half time.
    No score in the third quarter (seems to be our MO this season)
    Each team scores a touchdown in the fourth.

    Final Scrore: Patriots 24 Jets 7

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