Jets intent on screwing up Geno Smith...

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by Brady6, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Brady6

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  2. Big-T

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    They saw what a success the "Tebow package" was last year and decided to try it again with a new guy, huh?

    Bravo Jets, another year of suck heading your way! (like this was ever in doubt anyway)
  3. MAYOnnaise

    MAYOnnaise On the Roster

    I don't think Geno Smith requires much "screwing up"...
  4. Brady_to_Moss

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  5. Gwedd

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    No. No he does not. All I needed to know about Geno Smith I learned during the NFL Draft. His divaness came through loud and clear, which means he'll fit right in with the rest of that crew.

    The NY Media are already salivating over the potential stories. :D
  6. Brady6

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    Excellent point Gwedd, his behavior during the draft was awful, certainly not indicative of a leader.
  7. Brady6

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    Love this post. That's all :)
  8. ctpatsfan77

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    A JEST fan on Facebook:

    At this point, calling the Jets incompetent is something of a compliment.
  9. robbomango

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  10. Joker

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    ..Geno...can you butt fumble?..

    nah man...I'm gonna run right up inside dat biatch...

    this is all too good to be true...Wildcat Geno?
  11. Brady6

    Brady6 Pro Bowl Player

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    I'd have to believe if they offered the 2nd, 4th and 6th round picks they've invested in Tebow and Smith the last 2 years to Buffalo they could of reacquired Brad Smith.
  12. Sticky Caulk

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    I know the Jets are beyond laughable decision makers, but this seems made up. No real source or reasoning behind it.

    Geno Smith is decent at scrambling. He is not a running QB. No more of a rusher than Sanchez.
  13. Brady2Moss

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    Good ole Jests
  14. lurker1965

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    I second that. I've been out and out lied too by national media enough about the Patriots that I don't believe them when talking of other teams.

    Of course, it could still be true - I would not put it past the Jets.
  15. Calciumee

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    It is the Jets, is anyone surprised?
  16. Gumby

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    hmmmmmm, isnt this a Jesters Suck thread merge-candidate???

    Also, using the word HOPE in association with JESTERS and not using the words ' ANOTHER 43 YEARS OF FUTILITY does seem a bit mis-placed.

    My thoughts: They are the JESTERS..... did you expect anything less???

    I guess this points to there NOT being any sort of QB competition this year again.

    My HOPE that the Jesters OL holds up enough through the season so that Sanchize doesnt get injury benched...... Chalk up 2 wins and another season of SCHADENFREUDE-FUN.
  17. ausbacker

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  18. KontradictioN

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    I have it on good authority that the Jets have been screwing up Geno Smith since he was at West Virginia. :bricks:
  19. Sicilian

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    Assuming this is true, add to the list of:

    - Inconsistent o-line can't protect him.

    - No good receivers to throw to.

    - A head coach who couldn't care less about offense.

    - Maturity/Ego concerns.

    This kid was pretty much screwed anyway.
  20. voluntarysaftey

    voluntarysaftey Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    That's basically true. The two Jets fans I know really well are aware their team sucks and have no expectations of getting better; and in fact have expectations that things will stay like crap.

    I watched the last Pats Jets game with one, and he had already conceded the game before it started, and then was angry at the Jets from the first play onward.
    The other when he heard about Tebow signing said "He's gonna have one great game and you know who it will be against".

    Being a Jets fan is probably like being a Celtics fan was in the 90s / Pitino era; except with no hope of ever coming out if and no glory past to reflect on.

    And to be honest; I kind of wish the Jets were an 8-8, 9-7 team instead of the crap they've put on the field the last couple of years. It was more fun crushing their hopes and watching their mis-steps when they were outside contenders than it is now that they have no shot.

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