Jet PR Department Notes for Sunday's Game

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Zeus, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. Zeus

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    In 2008, the Jets clinched the NFL Championship on November 13 with a decisive 34-31 overtime thrashing of the New England Patriots. Having clinched the title at the earliest date in NFL history, the 8-3 Jets went 1-4 in the remaining meaningless exhibition games.

    Win or lose, Sunday will mark the conclusion of the 2009 season for the Jets. "We're going to be playing this game likes it's the Super Bowl" says Jet NT Kris Jenkins. Jet team officials announced plans for a celebratory parade in Hackensack on Tuesday to be followed by the annual team break up dinner Tuesday evening and golf on Wednesday.

    All-universe safety Kerry Rhodes says it's important keep Sunday's game in perspective. "If we win, it will be one of the great accomplishments in the history of the NFL or maybe even the whole world, " says Rhodes. "Although almost unthinkably unlikely, a loss would leave little reason for Jet players, coaches, owners and fans to go on living."

    Jet head coach Rex Ryan is hoping to enhance his mobility by having wheels installed on his feet. The only drawback, notes Ryan, is that he will need to wear a license plate whenever in public.

    Rookie QB and 2009 NFL MVP Mark Sanchez says he'd like to sculpt his own bust for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. "I was an Arts & Crafts major at USC. Even though I didn't graduate, I still like to play with mud and stuff."
  2. holyredeemer

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    Absolutely classic. Nice job! :D
  3. KontradictioN

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    This is excellent. This post should be framed and put on the front of the homepage.
  4. SVN

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  5. JSn

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    This is the point where I went from smirking to chuckling.
  6. FreeTedWilliams

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    Somebody refresh my memory for me... What happend in the second game of the season last year, when the Pats lost Brady and barely beat KC at home, and in the next week they had to travel to the meadowlands to face the Jets and their new HOF QB...........
  7. Patspsycho

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    He will have to submit for a commercial plate, because of his size.
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  8. Reckedtrek

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    The sound of Wrecks Cryan back pedaling on his "kiss the rings" comment at about 4:45PM Sunday 9/20.

    Fat guy in a little coat... Fat guy in a litlle co-oat!
  9. alvinnf

    alvinnf In the Starting Line-Up

    I am sure if BB could draw it up himself. He would root for a Jets win over the fricken Texans, with the media anointing the next great QB. A loud mouth first year coach makin noise. His own team coming off a game they won but should have lost, after everyone had it down as a cake walk. Let's face it he's probably had one of his easier weeks of practice, he's gettin fastballs right down the middle!!!

    Every things good except for the Mayo thing, c'est la vie!

    NEWNYJETS Practice Squad Player

    That was great
  11. NewYorkJets1993

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    Just a heads up: Sanchez did in fact graduate from USC this May. ;) Major in communications.
  12. BSR

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    You forgot the * after Jets*.
  13. blackglass3

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    That Kris Jenkins video gets funnier every time I see it. The way he threw that center is awesome.
  14. PittPatriot

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    Zeus, you are the Greek God of Satire.
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  15. Holy Diver

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    Props where props are due....

    PROPS...this is fricin funny son
  16. lostjumper

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    Yeah, if a pats player did that last monday that was a 15 yard penalty...
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