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    Mar. 13, 2006 1:44 | Updated Mar. 13, 2006 2:32
    Quarterback Tom Brady wraps up trip to Israel

    Two-time Super Bowl MVP and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady left Israel Saturday night after spending nearly a week in the country on a Combined Jewish Philanthropies leadership mission led in part by Patriots owner Robert Kraft and his wife, Myra.

    Brady traveled the country with the Krafts and the rest of the mission, including visiting Masada and eating Friday night dinner at the King David Hotel, where he donned a kippa, not quite the helmet that he's used to wearing on his head.

    Brady's stay in Jerusalem ended Saturday after he spoke to the mission at the Israel Museum about what he had learned and what he loved about the trip - including humous - before heading to the airport.

    "It was wonderful," Brady said. "Hopefully you guys took as much out of it as I did. I'm going back, and I think it's important to go back and leave here not only realizing how special [Israel] is, but also to share it with other people."

    The rest of the mission, which was comprised of Jews from the Boston area, is scheduled to leave Israel on Monday.

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    I just want #12 out of harm's way. Get that contingent back here.
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    Yup, back to drive by shootings, muggings, crazy drivers,.... :D
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    You mean the golf course, right??


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