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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by AFPatsFan12, Feb 5, 2006.

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    ...really IS soft. I mean he didn't deserve the verbal onslaught he got from Joey "mental-midget" Porter. I know how the simple-minded might get offended from someone from the other team stating that they TOO might like to win the game, but at least numbnuts was right about Stevens. Umpteen dropped balls, and even the TD pass he caught he juggled before grabbing with a death grip. He dropped a huge deep ball in the first, dropped a first down pass early in the second half...just a terrible, "un-clutch" performance. Makes you appreciate the REAL Big Ben a little more (if that were even possible), doesn't it?
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    Jeremey Stevens is a moron for even giving the slightest bit of bulliten board material. And Porter is still the biggest trash talking douchebag on the face of the planet. He's the last guy that deserves a superbowl ring.
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    I remember he was in the same draft class as Shockey, McMichael, Doug Jolley and Daniel Graham. Fans on this board were complaining after their rookie season, that we should have taken one of the other TEs... that Graham sucked. I'm glad we got the one we did.

    Speaking of the 2002 draft class, what a load of bums:

    1. Houston David Carr QB Fresno State
    2. Carolina Julius Peppers DE North Carolina
    3. Detroit Joey Harrington QB Oregon
    4. Buffalo Mike Williams OT Texas
    5. San Diego Quentin Jammer CB Texas
    6. Kansas City (from Dallas) Ryan Sims DT North Carolina
    7. Minnesota Bryant McKinnie OT Miami (Fla)
    8. Dallas (from Kansas City) Roy Williams SS Oklahoma
    9. Jacksonville John Henderson DT Tennessee
    10. Cincinnati Levi Jones OT Arizona State
    11. Indianapolis Dwight Freeney DE Syracuse
    12. Arizona Wendell Bryant DT Wisconsin
    13. New Orleans Donte Stallworth WR Tennessee
    14. NY Giants (from Tennessee) Jeremy Shockey TE Miami (Fla)
    15. Tennessee (from NY Giants) Albert Haynesworth DT Tennessee
    16. Cleveland William Green RB Boston College
    17. Oakland (from Atlanta) Phillip Buchanon CB Miami (Fla)
    18. Atlanta (from Washington through Oakland) T.J. Duckett RB Michigan State
    19. Denver Ashley Lelie WR Hawaii
    20. Green Bay (from Seattle) Javon Walker WR Florida State
    21. New England (from Tampa Bay through Oakland and Washington) Daniel Graham TE Colorado
    22. NY Jets Bryan Thomas DE Alabama-Birmingham
    23. Oakland Napolean Harris OLB Northwestern
    24. Baltimore Edward Reed S Miami (FLA)
    25. New Orleans (from Miami) Charles Grant DE Georgia
    26. Philadelphia Lito Sheppard CB Florida
    27. San Francisco Mike Rumph CB Miami (Fla)
    28. Seattle (from Green Bay) Jerramy Stevens TE Washington
    29. Chicago Marc Colombo OT Boston College
    30. Pittsburgh Kendall Simmons OG Auburn
    31. St. Louis Robert Thomas MLB UCLA
    32. Washington (from New England) Patrick Ramsey QB Tulane

    The only guys who are any good are Peppers, Ed Reed, Javon Walker, Roy Williams and Dwight Freeney. Daniel Graham is a great pick at #21... and Stevens sucks, seven picks later.
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    I hate to see a particular player involved in blowing games. But this guy almost singlehandedly blew the game for Seattle. He dropped 3 game changing passes. Very uninspiring.

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