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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by JDP111, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. JDP111

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    I can't believe that this guy has a job. Sad part is, most "sports fans" will eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as though it were some sort of scripture. It is easily, one of the best examples of homer-fan-boy-crap, that I have ever read on the ENTIRE internet. ESPN has become almost unbearable. This get ratings, but it ruins sports "reporting." In closing, this has nothing to do with the tam he's writing about; it could have been written about the Chicago Bears, the Boston Bruins, or any team, for that matter, in any professional sport. It's the "homer" voice that he writes with that makes me want to walk into traffic!!!
  2. PatsWickedPissah

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    The reality is that Indianapolis will manage without Freeney in the same manner that New England managed without Pro Bowl defensive tackle Richard Seymour earlier this season. The Colts will ask other players to compensate for that void.

    The writer in his abyssmal ignorance and Dungy worship misses the salient fact that the Pats are built differently than the Colts. Case in point, Belioli spent decent cap dollars retaining the services of one Jarvis Green, an excellent pass rush backup to Seymour. The Pats built a team with depth. 'Asking players' isn't gonna hack it.
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  3. apricissimus

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    Of course ESPN has it's own resident Boston homer in Bill Simmons, so maybe it all evens out. The thing it though, with Simmons's reputation, I'm sure plenty of people just tune him out, or take what he has to say wit ha grain of salt (which wouldn't be a bad thing).

    I know Chadiha's article is a column, and it's supposed to be partly opinion, but one thing that bugs the heck out of me about sports journalism is how the writers' opinions, which are sometimes not at all based on fact, creep into practically every story. They <i>create</i> stories rather than simply report them. They often think that they are <i>part</i> of the stories they report on Dan Shaughnessy is the poster boy for this).

    To call them sports "journalists" is an insult to real journalists who do their job well.
  4. apricissimus

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    Ooh... I guess html tags don't work here, huh?
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    :rofl: Yet another victim of hearing loss from exposure to the amplified crowd noise in St. Tony's Chapel. Poor JeffrEY! :D
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    You have to use brackets for some reason. Click the formatting buttons in the editing box for examples!

    Personally, I much prefer a writer saying "this won't stop Indy, look at how the Patriots have managed under similar circumstances" vs. the more common "poor Indy, of course they would win it all except they were the tragic victims of --*gasp*--INJURIES!!!" Let Indy prove their resilience on the field, I have no problem with that.
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