Jay Glazer calls Brady MVP

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by MooseKnuckles, Nov 5, 2006.

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    MVP: Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

    OK, let's get this straight, in the last two years he's lost his offensive guru Charlie Weis, his top two receivers and multiple offensive linemen and the entire world has a big ol' red X zeroed in on his chest. Yet, the man is unflappable. Brady clearly doesn't have the weapons that Indy's Peyton Manning has, or the stability for that matter. Donovan McNabb would be a candidate here as well if his team had a better record. The Bears' Brian Urlacher should also get some votes here.
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    It's too early for that talk, I still remember when in 1999 Drew Bledsoe was the half way point MVP. The rest of the season was the worst I have ever seen a QB been dreadful. I know that Brady is different but look how McNabb has cooled off after that fast start. I do hope that he is finally MVP of the season when it is done though.
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    In Foxboro we'd have got do a monument to Brady,I think.
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    They mentioned mid season NFL MVP's on the NFL Network yesterday and much to my surprise, 2 on the panel said Brady due to losing his 2 WR's and also losing the clutch kicker of all time and have the Team 6-1 at week 9 is amazing!
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    As I read it, Glazer was handing out first half awards, so Tommy is his MVP for weeks 1-8, not a bad accolade given the Pats' progress since preseason...this is the one I liked:

    One last sharp stick to the eye of the monkey spankers.

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