Javon Walker - unconfirmed rumor

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  1. BelichickFan

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    I'm copying and pasting this from a KFFL post :

    "A friend of mine from Madison, Wisconsin, said the local paper there mentioned that the Pats were talking to the Packers about Javon Walker. Apparently the Packers want a 2nd and the Pats are offering their late 3rd rounder."

    Trade for Walker, give him, Branch and Seymour new contracts and we're all smiling :)
  2. Remix 6

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    that would be very nice. hes young..hes coming off a big injury but before that led league or came near top in receiving
  3. maverick4

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    That would be highway robbery. Javon Walker is a top receiver.

    I wouldn't be surprised though. I still can't believe they got Corey Dillon for a 2nd round pick two years ago!

  4. ayjackson

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    they should get Javon Walker for considerably less than they got Dillon....Dillon wasn't holding out, Javon is.....Dillon wondered aloud whether the future held anything for him in Cinci, Javon has stated that he will never set foot on a Green Bay practice field again....Dillon was a perenial 1000 yard back on a crappy team, Javon is a perennial nothing on a crappy team....Dillon put in 6 or 7 seasons of great football, before getting discouraged and wanting out, Javon put in a few great games....

    by my reckoning, he should be worth a fourth or maybe two later picks....if there's substance to this rumour, then things will probably happen after the compo picks are announced this week.
  5. Terence

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  6. maverick4

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    I don't think what Javon Walker did was anything worse than what Richard Seymour did last year.

    They were both underpaid, both held out, but in Walker's case, his own QB stabbed him in the back, while in Seymour's case, his teammates all said they understood and supported him. New England ended up bumping his salary a bit, which was a good move on their part.

    Walker ended up showing up to camp without a new contract, and then suffered a season ending injury shortly afterwards. Interviews, he seems like a good guy who keeps to himself, who just wanted to be treated fairly.

    I agree that Dillon had a longer track record, but Walker is still a top talent. I actually hope Walker continues to burn all his bridges in Green Bay. That will lower the price the Pats will have to pay. I don't have any concerns with this player's attitude. I think the Green Bay front office is inept.

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  7. Remix 6

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    i would give up our early 3rd rounder for Walker. before that we need to know about his knee..how its going..if he can run or do some drills..evaluate him a little. his stats wont be anything that he had in the past 2 years ago because brady distributes but he'll be happy to know were winning..and he has a future HOF.. still somewhat young QB in Brady.
  8. Patriot Missile

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    If that happened how would Branch feel about moving to the 2 spot? Joking, I'm all over that one. If we could land that guy that would be absolutely huge for our team.
  9. Remix 6

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    Branch wouldnt mind but then again Walker only had 1 great season so far and with us distributing ball a lot to many players..Walker might not mind being a #2
  10. BelichickFan

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    I wouldn't give a crap about who was 1 or 2. Get Walker, Branch, Watson and either Caldwell or Graham out in the pass routes with Dillon in the backfield . . . and giggle.
  11. pats1

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    ...and drool. Don't forget to mention Faulk and Pass out of the backfield as well.
  12. broadwayjoe

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    I know thats right we don't use the terms free and strong safety either do we as long as they produce you can call them Moe and Curly.
  13. SVN

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    i wouldnt be surprised its one of the "shot in the dark" rumors. like someone said a rumor about pats being after arrington. now that he is in jacksonville , time to start a new one.until it happens i doubt it especially the way pats do business where there is hardly a rumor about a trade let alone the draft pick number being discussed.
  14. Feep_FLA

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    We are one solid wide receiver away from a complete offense. Dillon has to rebound to something akin to 2004 obviously. Add a blocking tight end in the draft. Rookie WR to groom for a year. I like our chances 2005. Oh yeah, a kicker too. Come on and join the party Javon!
  15. BelichickFan

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  16. BionicPatriot

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    I'd do this one in a second, and I think we may very well be able to talk GB into giving up our #3. Think about it, GB is a team that needs to do what? get younger, and re-build through the draft. Walker wants NOTHING to do with that team, and who's to blame him? GB has no choice, he'll either say **** it or be released eventually. I really think this one could work, and I hope like hell we try it.
  17. harveyw

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    SIGN ME UP...I would take Javon here in a heartbeat. He is what we have been waiting for at the WR position...young, BIG, fast...I would even be so inclined to give up a 2. Who the hell are we going to get in the second round that will make a comparable impact...NO ONE!
  18. harveyw

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    I absolutely agree...and as for the guy who said something about Dillion - he did not ever want to be back in Cinci. In his last game he threw his equipment into the stands and said that was his last game. It is no difference besides Dillion was a RB and Javon is a hell of a lot younger.
  19. BionicPatriot

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    Don't put any stock into this rumor, I'm asking all around at KFFL and no Packer fan has confirmed a thing. I'm just saying, it's not much of a source anyway :(
  20. PatsFanInVa

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    We did finally get confirmation of contact between the Pats and Bills about Moulds. Time to move on to something with no confirmation whatsoever again.

    But it's fun ain't it?


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