Jason Fabini??? Verron Haynes??

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    Did I hear that today..Jason Fabini to visit??? Am I missing something??OK..it may be a good pickup..frankly I liked Mawae better..only because I think he has some nastiness and leadership..something the line needs..would Fabini do that as well?? If so then it may be a good pickup..Mawae seemed to want to be here..so?? Might be a good pickup...
    Verron Haynes...more a 3rd down back..but thr team has Faulk..who is better?? Is there a question with his foot?? Just curious..as his name has been so totally absent since the season ended. Just curious.
  2. smg93

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    Mawae is off to the Titans now unfortunately. Don't know much about Fabini or Haynes.
  3. T-ShirtDynasty

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    Reiss has a bit on Fabini this morning : http://www.boston.com/sports/football/patriots/reiss_pieces/2006/03/fabini_gets_a_l_1.html

    Sounds pretty durable playing in all 16 games of a season in six of his eight years, despite missing time this year with a torn pectoral. Also he's another swing tackle like Ashworth, with experience at left and right tackle.
  4. patsfan55

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    deshea townsend

    says in that reiss article that townsend is scheduled to vistit
    personally, i think that would be a very solid addition
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    That's weird, I just read (I forgot where, could be herald article) that Townsend wasn't coming to town. According to his agent it was a rumor and that it wasn't true. I wonder what the real deal is? Knowing BB and Pioli, he could still be coming for a visit but they just want to keep it hush hush. But who really knows this time of year! :D

    Oh here found the link to the article:
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    " ... Poston said cornerback Ty Law has generated interest from the Seahawks, Chiefs and Dolphins. The Packers and Redskins have also reportedly considered Law. The Patriots haven't entered the mix. Poston added that the Patriots also haven’t expressed interest in another of his clients, linebacker LaVar Arrington.
    ... "

    Sounds like the Postons should be able to deduce what the common link is among these clients - - - they all have the same agents!!!!

    As far as Fabini, sounds like typical Patriot type, exhibits value in versatility and potential locker room leadership.
  7. Coast2CoastPatsFan

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    Yes, it was in this morning's Herald article where his agent said that he's not coming to Boston. Perhaps he'll be flying into Providence, instead. (wink, wink)
  8. R_T26

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    Townsend is average at best.
  9. texpat

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    I don't see that Fabini would come here as a backup, so does that mean Kaczur goes to a guard or stays at LT or RT with Light at LT.
    From what I've seen at JESTfans, Fabini is getting old and slow. His sacks given up were under 4 per season his first 4 seasons, then he averaged 8 sacks the last 4 years. For the same money, I would stay with Ashworth since he is 4 years younger and already fits in here. Fabini also much worse in penalties, false starts & holding.


  10. Coast2CoastPatsFan

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    I'm not enamored over any of Pittsburgh's DBs. The secondary has long been the weak part of the Steelers defense. I'd rather see the Patriots look elsewhere for free agents at that position or draft one of the stud DBs such as that Marshall kid from Fresno St.
  11. shakadave

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    Fabini sounds good.

    Sporting News rates Fabini the number 18 tackle in the NFL. Matt Light is at 35, for comparison. (These ratings came out last summer.) Sounds good to me!

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