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Jamie Moyer now a Phillie

Discussion in 'Red Sox Fan Forum' started by JackPMiller, Aug 19, 2006.

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    I know he is not the pitcher he was a few years back, but he is better than what we have as starters. I'm shocked we made a move this big. Maybe Pat Gillick thinks we still have a chance of getting into the playoffs?



    Mariners trade Moyer to Phillies
    By Danny O'Neil
    Seattle Times staff reporter

    ANAHEIM, Calif. – Jamie Moyer has been traded to the Philadlephia Phillies, the Mariners announced in the fourth inning of Seattle's game at the Los Angeles Angels tonight.

    Moyer was not in town as he had returned to Seattle. As a player with 10 years in the league and five years with the same team, he had the right to veto any trade. The deal means he signed off on it.

    Seattle receives two right-handed pitchers from the Phillies' minor-league system. The Mariners acquired Andrew Barb, who is from Redmond and attended Everett Community College and Andy Baldwin, who is from Corvallis, Ore., and went to Oregon State.

    This was Moyer's 11th season in Seattle. He came to the Mariners in 1996. He had a record of 6-12 this season, which has been a hard-luck year in which he has not gotten much run support. He was the losing pitcher in Seattle's 5-2 defeat against the Angels on Friday.

    "It's not easy, but you've got a duty to take care of your organization and keep it growing," general manager Bill Bavasi said tonight.

    Bavasi said Moyer did not request a trade. Moyer had previously cleared waivers, which is a prerequisite for trades completed after July 31.
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