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    On what do people base their opinion of him? I loved his INT return for TD and he definitely seemed to see more action, and make a couple plays, during the late part of the season, but I'm wondering why people are high on him - not that one shouldn't be, just that I feel like there is almost no sample and, if any, a small SMALL sample size.

    Some mentioned Rodney Harrison making a comment about him. What was it exactly, and have there been any other indications that Sanders is, in any way, special?

    Again, this may sound like I disagree. I don't necessarily. I'm just a little curious and hoping that it's not a matter of he's-a-young-Patriot-so-we-think-he's-a-future-stud-ness.
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    Pure, blind, homeristic hope? :D
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    who dat in your avatar?
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    Right, yes, of course. But, ya know, BESIDES that. ;)
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    Found it after looking through the press conference archives :


    Nothing stunning but worthwhile. He was certainly Nostradameus on The Hobbitt :

    "Q: How have you been able to help the other young defensive backs as they move into new roles with your absence?

    RH: I have talked to James Sanders. I know James and we are different players, but I know he is going to go in there and he will play fine. James is a talented guy. He is smart. He is one of those rookies that seems a lot wiser and has a lot more wisdom beyond his years. I think in terms of going out there and playing, I think we will be fine at the strong safety position. He is going to go out there and make plays. He is a tough guy. I have been talking to them in terms of what they need to do and make sure they play together and that each and every individual handles their responsibility. Ellis Hobbs is another guy that I have been talking to because his role increases. I think he played pretty well last week against the Falcons.
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    Next year Sanders will have the benefit of learning from Rodney when he is on the field and in practice. James won't be getting many reps during game time as Rodney will be out there most of the time.
  7. letekro

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    The guy made a few great form tackles in limited action on ST and in the secondary. Then you've got the INT return and Rodney singling him out. There wasn't much to base it on, but he made a few nice plays and didn't appear to make any glaring, bad ones.
  8. T-ShirtDynasty

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  9. PATSNUTme

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  10. PatsWorldChamps

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    he might actually get a lot of time, depending on who we draft/sign as FA... i expect rodney to come back in week 8 or so, a la tedy
  11. Brownfan80

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    Actually.. I'm pretty sure Sanders was one of the guys that Turner ran over in the SD game on that embarrassingly bad-tackle-induced-long-run that I'm sure everyone remembers.

    I have hopes for Sanders, but that's all at this point.
  12. Box_O_Rocks

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    Glaucoma shortcomings aside, Sanders played well when he was healthy. He showed toughness against the run and good open field tackling skills. He did well on blitzs. His biggest failures I recall were rookie mistakes, biting on underneath routes to open up the deep ball, that kind of thing. As a rookie, he did okay.
  13. ilduce06410

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    classic BB player

    at fresno state, he had the quintessential BB chaaracteristics:
    smart.... (all-academic america)
    tough, plays hurt... i think he never missed a game at fresno
    leader....team co-captain
    a little mean.... i guess
    they probably noticed him while they were out there looking at mankins. it's not unusual.
    i remember his getting run over in a few games, and then i think he got injured. i did not like his size, altho you could say lawyer milloy is no bigger.
    rodney apparently likes him. maybe he can get better in the weight room.
  14. bunzoburns

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    When Gus Scott was in there I noticed that the reaction time was slow and he played like he was unsure of himself. Sanders blitzed like a rocket and wasn't afraid to follow his instincts. He played 100% and made some nice tackles.... He needs work on his game but he shows promise.
  15. Ochmed Jones

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    I think the big thing you saw with Sanders last season was the lack of physical maturity. I believe he was the youngest player on the team last season. That lack of physical maturity had a lot to do with his injuries. After a season in the S&C program, I think we'll see a stronger, faster Sanders next season.
    As for his game, he is not a Rodney Harrison or Lawyer Milloy type SS, the super headhunter that makes receivers fear the middle of the field. He's more along the lines of a Fred Marion type S. He can and will tackle and can cover but receivers don't fear the bonecrushing hits.
    He could very well develop into a starter one day, but he definitely has the potential to be a special teams demon.
  16. pats1

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    At least from what I saw, his mind seemed to be working as a 2nd or 3rd year player, not a rookie. Very rarely appeared lost out there. (I can't say the same about Mankins)
  17. stinkypete

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    I think Sanders could be a great player, but wouldn't be surprised if he's never more than a reserve. The guy has some great traits, but would need to overachieve a la Rodney.

    Rodney, BTW, will be back sooner than we expect, I believe. Grossman blew his ACL in early 2004 and was back for camp.
  18. Brownfan80

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    Rodney did more than tear an ACL. He also blew the PCL and MCL. He had the "McGahee injury".
  19. PATSNUTme

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    None of us know for sure the extent of his injury. I prefer to go by what he said and what he said his doctor told him.

    He said he would be back this year. He said that his doctor told him that he should be OK to play this year.

    I'll continue to believe that until I hear otherwise from him or his doctor.
  20. BelichickFan

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    The MCL and PCL are irrelevant, they heal much quicker than the ACL. How much of the knee's nerves, etc, were damaged is what really matters. And we don't know.

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