Jags sign Ahmad Carroll

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  1. pats1

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    Per KFFL.

    Looks like the Pats are looking elsewhere to fill that remaining roster spot.
  2. broadwayjoe

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    I'm glad someone picked up the guy because I really think its coaching and maturity issues with this guy and he's going to a very good defensive team also.
  3. captain stone

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    No Jersey Selected

    We lose Hank to the Jest, Carroll signs elsewhere in the AFC...yet we are stuck with Andrews, Spann and Iwuoma.

    Isaiah Kacyvenski signs with St.Louis, Danny Clark with NO...yet we are stuck with Izzo, Davis and Alexander.

    I understand that injuries have claimed Mel Mitchell, Tebucky Jones, Barry Gardner, and now Randall Gay. I congratulated the FO on the signing of these players, who could contribute on both STs and regular D. There's still time to ditch the deadweight, and find a few good men who possess some combination of size/speed/pedigree. Not as much time as yesterday, but more than tomorrow.
  4. pats1

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    And all of the Patriots you named are good-to-great special teamers.And all of the other players you named are mediocre starters and/or backups. Izzo and Davis are NOT deadweight.Guys like Clark or Carroll WOULD. Since we know NONE of these guys would be STARTING, I want the best possible special teamers as reserves.

    And quite frankly, we have them. They're names you just listed.

    And besides - all of those players YOU simply wanted because of their NAMES.

    But in reality, it's who BEIOLI wants. Big difference.

    There was a reason that Hank was cut instead of Spann. There's a reason that Iwuoma was signed instead of Carroll or anybody else. And again, we don't know ANYTHING behind the Pats' reasoning, so let's not act like we could have made a "better" decision.
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  5. Flying Fungi

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    no kidding...we suck...4-1, 3-0 in div, bye week to regroup, soft schedule...stick a fork in us...

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