JAGs = Dirty Play

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    Curran says


    Just ask Tarik Glenn of the Indianapolis Colts. And if you don't have his cell number, here's the story. During a goal-line play against the Jaguars last month, Glenn wound up at the bottom of the pile with Jaguars defensive lineman John Henderson above him. Henderson then proceeded to bounce Glenn's head off the turf a few times, drawing a flag and giving Glenn a ringing head.

    "They are going to talk trash and play dirty," Arizona defensive tackle Darnell Dockett said last week. "That's just the way they are."

    Maybe when BB talks about them being tough he really mean dirty??

    I bet BB will have the PATs ready to deal with their Crap.
    Our guys better come ready to dish it out and we got some big boys
    that can do it. This is going to be one smashmouth game. Time for
    Logan's nastiness to be unleashed.
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  2. Halifax_Pats_Fan

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    I don't know...as long as they don't take any stupid penalties...the jags are gonna be tough, and dirty...let's hope the class and crispness (Givens!) we have come to expect from this group shows up on Saturday...let's go only Canuck Kaczur...hold your own and keep the golden boy clean...

    Stupid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.... :p
  3. Ochmed Jones

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    There is no doubt Jacksonville is going to come out and try to be physical with us and I expect them to talk a ton of trash, but let's not forget, the Pats have been through the trash talking for the past two playoff seasons.

    Stroud and Henderson are going to make inside running tough for the Pats, but quick passes, screens and the occsional draw should be there all game. We must protect the ball, avoid penalties, and give Brady time to throw.

    On defense, we must shut down the run and make them throw.
  4. JR4

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    Ochmed Jones, i think you are right on. To me giving Brady enough time is
    the critical factor. If he has time, the game will be the PATs .... no doubt
    in my mind about that. He doesn't need like 4 secs but 3+ would be just fine
    with out max protection.

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