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    Good job as always by Jackie. Is it possible we still underrate Vrabel? For those who were worried about losing Willie's leadership I think this article will help.

    "With McGinest gone this year and Harrison missing most of last season, it was only logical that Vrabel would step up and assume some veteran leadership responsibilities. Richard Seymour, Bruschi, Harrison, and Vrabel are the defensive core the younger players look to for advice. According to Green, Vrabel entertains a steady stream of questions from rookies and young prospects throughout the preseason.

    ``They choose him," Green said, ``because he treats them the way he'd like to be treated himself."

    We also saw some of this during the Arizona preseason game when they had BB miked Vrabel was busting the coach:

    "The guy should have been a comedian," offered defensive end Jarvis Green. ``We'll be sitting in meetings, and he'll come out with something that the rest of us might be thinking but would never say out loud.
    ``The other day, the coaches were laying out all the stuff they wanted us to do, and all of a sudden Mike is yelling, `What do you think we are? Your whipping boys?' I mean, I was thinking that, but saying it? I'll leave that to Mike."
    He has become adept at knowing when to ease the tension with a wisecrack, or spice up the drudgery with a dig.
    ``I don't mind joking with Bill, and he doesn't mind telling me to shut the [expletive] up," Vrabel explained. ``I do it because it breaks up the monotony, whether it's with Bill or someone else."
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    Nice article. Terribly corny title.
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    Have read in the past that he aspires to be a coach, he is bright enough, savvy enough and according to this article has a lot of give and take which seems as important.
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    A great article in the globe, only to have a little shot thrown back at them with Mr Borgus, saying how the Pats run a shotty buisness...
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    I thought a Jazz fan was posting! Jackie Mac will always be Jackie McLean to my eyes. He had the sobriquet way before MacMullan. :)
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    I'm not sold on him goign back to the outside. I think he'll be inside all season long 75% of the time and moving to the outside on passing downs. I think Tully on the outside is better than Seau in the middle at this point. I hope Seau improves.
  7. Box_O_Rocks

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    As noted in another thread, once Bruschi comes back, BB can run a 2003 LB group, with Vrabel replacing Seau on passing downs and TBC replacing him.

    I enjoyed the article, Willie and AV can whine about the changes in the locker room, but I just see the normal changing of the guard with equally competent leaders to carry the new winning tradition forward, Vive Le Dynasty or whatever it might be if I spoke Swahili.
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    Along with changing of the guard, you need solid drafts to replace starters and over all contributors. It appears they have an extremely solid draft hitting on more than half of their picks, but time will obviously tell.

    As for the 2003 grouping, I'm more concerned about Seau on runnign downs than passing downs.

    On Passing downs I see vrabel moving to the outside to rush the passer and seau staying inside next to brushi. On runnings downs I see vrabel staying inside with tbc on the outside with colvin, so seau would not be in on running downs. Until brushi returns it is seau taking on blockers and filling the gap in running downs that I'm concerned about. So it's actually opposite than what that 2003 grouping was.

    I think seau will have trouble taking on blockers, partly becuase he has had the freedom to roam in the past and I beleive he will not be as effective as vrabel taking on blockers.
  9. Box_O_Rocks

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    The last reporting I had on Seau's strengths was that he was no longer effective against the pass - note that in the Skins' game he was taken out on passing situations. Since he appears to be whom the coaches want,I expect they will continue using him in that fashion.
  10. MrBigglesWorth

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    I guess I'm worried by all accounts, but also I might be overreacting based on the giants game. The real test will be game one and then eventually the denver blocking scheme.
  11. Box_O_Rocks

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    Bingo, Buffalo will highlight some weaknesses and BB will have them worked out by Denver.

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