izzo and mcginest

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  1. SVN

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    did anyone see them fighting on the sidelines ? showed just now on nfl network
  2. MrTibbs

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  3. KDPpatsfan

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    That was odd...Overall this did not look like a Pats team. Poor ball security, mental errors, loss of composure. It just was not our year.
  4. desi-patsfan

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    i would be surprsied if this kinda stuff didnt happen alot. Even best friends cant get into lil fights when competition is involved. I doubt its anythign serious.
  5. thechris

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    My friend (who is not a Pats fan) walked into the house and asked me who won the game. I almost McGinested him.
  6. Izzo told Mac that he was doing sh*t out there and Mac told him to go back to f*cking Miami.
  7. Sean Pa Patriot

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    well it was just part of why the pats lost this game.............

    1 costly turnovers
    2 Brady making the key turnover
    3 Vinatieri, missed a big fg in the fourth quarter...
    4 Troy Brown, big turnover in the fourth quarter...

    the team lost composure after the assante samual penalty, even though it was a bad call, you cant put the blame on the refs...
  8. nickw308810

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    Izzo was in on defense and let Anderson get outside for his 2nd TD run. If he did his job they don't score on that play. I think that is what Willie was upset about. I obviously don't know though, just guessing.
  9. mtbykr

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    Any new info on this---it's just very uncharacteristic (as is 5 TO in the postseason :rolleyes: ) of 2 vets!
  10. PatsRI

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    I wouldn't sweat it they'll probably both come out and say "heat of the battle" kind of spin. Besides, I'm not all that worried if Willie and Izzo get along, it's not like a QB/WR kind of rift.
  11. PatsFan-NH

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    They showed it a couple of times on 4. What was even more interesting was that Eric Mangini tried to get involved. Vrable who was holding Willie Mac back after he flung Izzo, turned to him and you could read his lips and it looked like he said 'shut the f**k up' to Eric. Eric walked away.

    There was a lot of anger tonight. Early in the game BB was yelling about Bull**** over a Penalty call that went the Pats way (why was he so pissed - I mean about that call, not the refs tonignt in general) and after the ref walked away BB was still talking about you could see him say motherf**ker.
  12. jczxohn1

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    This is what I heard during the 5th Qtr. A frustrating, frustrating game.

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