I've taken my concerns off of the QB to the secondary

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    I must admit I have not been a Cassel lover since he became the #1 QB and thought he was going to be cut a long time ago but I think Matt has done from what became a position that he 'managed' very well sporadically to having a more prominent role in the offense and now I see a change in him making quick decisions on the run when the original offensive plan for any snap had to be changed quickly due to the defense ready for it.

    He seems ready to make adjustments in the pocket when the primary receiver is not open and is looking elsewhere,something he did not do a few weeks ago and ate the ball most of the time

    There were several games earlier this season where it looked like the only place he was going to throw the ball was to Welker in the slot and Moss down the sideline and the fact that he is getting sacked less as of sunday appears to me the improved OL play and also because he is finding more guys to throw to instead of zeroing in on just 2 guys and getting sacked in the past when they were not open.

    The key to Matt continuing to build his confidence will be the old Brady logic and that is to throw to the open guys,not just the superstars at WR and he did just that sunday by throwing to the TEs and Gaffney who dropped a perfect pass that a grandfather could have caught.

    So in that regards,my worries are no longer the play of the Quarterback but more of the youth and inexperienced CBs and the lack of a pass rush which could eventually doom this team - Making Cassel into becoming a bonafide respectable but not great starting QB apparently has been a success and he is doing more that I thought or many thought

    Can the secondary and defensive line do their part to improve along the way like Cassel has?

    Time will tell as well as how far this team can go - Right now the QB is no longer the thing to worry about,Matt has changed my mind about that by his performance on sunday and he has my confidence he can get it done if the other guys do their part

    Now the weak areas (secondary and defensive line pressure) need to progress just like he did and then and only until then this team can surprise some and enter the playoffs....

    Starting CB opposite Hobbs,Seymour,Wilfork and Warren are my focus on the guys that are crucial to step it up to get us going strong into the winter....
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    At this point, Cassel has my full confidence. He's already light years ahead of his first start and we're halfway through the season. There's hardly a doubt in my mind he won't cost us any games, might even win some for us.

    But you're right, that pass defense is a concern AT THE TIME. I believe it will get better but that's no given. This is a clear-cut contendor if the pass rush and secondary can pull a 2005-like turnaround down the stretch.
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    Hey, as long as you're worried. If you weren't worried about something, that would be worrisome indeed. ;)
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