It's very dark now, but found a bright side...

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Sean Pa Patriot, Dec 7, 2009.

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  1. Sean Pa Patriot

    Sean Pa Patriot Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

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    After a day, I think we are a flawed team, however with the exception of the Saints, every team has its struggles.. Lets list them

    Giants-Lost 5 out of six and are still in the hunt

    Steelers defending champions lost 4 in a row and also have lost 4 on the road...

    Chargers- were 2-3 at one point

    Cowboys- Dec struggles

    Eagles- dropped 2 bad games...

    Ravens- lost 3 straight and 4 out of six

    Broncs - 6-0 then lost 4 straight...

    The colts have just been getting the breaks and making plays.. but they are also a flawed team.. I think san diego will bounce then in the playoffs

    So with that said, we will win the super bowl?? prob not, will we miss the playoffs?? maybee, but we could run the table as well.. Lets just worry about Carolina, then worry about Buffalo then worry about Jax... If we win those 3 , we should be fine.. But one week and one play at a time...
  2. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    You forgot the Vikings, but obviously they had their problems last night.
  3. wilfork is beastin'

    wilfork is beastin' On the Game Day Roster

    It's funny, I was thinking hte same thing. I think they're the most overrated of the 3 "championship calibre" teams this year. It's easy to look good against the Bears, Lions and Seahawks, but against the 3 good teams they've played (BALT, Pitt, and Arizona) they've gone 1-2, and could have gone 0-3 if the ravens kicker hadn't choked
  4. Rob0729

    Rob0729 Supporter Supporter

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    The season is far from over, but the Pats need to turn it around right now. They have about zero margin for error for now on.
  5. chris_in_sunnyvale

    chris_in_sunnyvale In the Starting Line-Up

    Troy Polamalu obviously won't win defensive player of the year for all the time he's missed, but the difference in that Steelers D with and without him, especially in deep coverage is night and day. Like the Pats, the Steelers have lost a bunch of 4th quarter leads and the bulk (if not all) of them were with Polamalu out.

  6. italian pat patriot

    italian pat patriot In the Starting Line-Up

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    i agree with you

    at the moment we are not in a wonderfull period but, yes, season is far from over

    we have still today a serious chance to arrive to the play-offs and then...never say never...

    but we have really to start playing well and win games

    we are in december - this is the 'real' time

    let's start to make a statement against CAR
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