It's simple: The Jets and their Fans have an Inferiority Complex

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by VJCPatriot, Jan 15, 2011.

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    A lot of people have been wondering what is the source of all this hate and bluster coming out of New York and when you think about it, the reason is simple. Ultimately, their team, their coach, and their fans suffer from an Inferiority Complex to the New England Patriots. New Yorkers who usually want to feel that they are the center of the universe have a very strong counter reaction to this feeling of being helpless, inferior, and looking up to the opposition.

    This Inferiority Complex has been a long time in the making. First look at the history of the Jets team. They have not tasted playoff success since the days of 'Broadyway Joe' who last led the Jets to a championship over 40 years ago. Most current Jets fans weren't even born yet.

    What the current fans and players do remember is a history of being dominated by the Pats in the past decade. Since the BB/Brady era began, the Pats have won 8 AFC East division titles and 3 Super Bowl Titles in the bolded years: 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2010.

    In that same timespan the New York Jets have only won the division title once, due to tiebreakers in 2002 and have not even reached the Superbowl once in that entire timespan. In the 2002 season, the Herm Edwards led Jets also defeated the Colts in the opening round of the playoffs, only to get knocked out by the Raiders in the divisional round. The Jets franchise has been haunted by their lack of playoff success. When the Jets fail to advance in the playoffs the repeated and familiar theme of SOJ - Same Old Jets rears its ugly head.

    The fact is that the Jets aren't even considered the best team in their own city. That distinguishment goes to the New York Giants who won two Super Bowl championships under Parcells in 86 and 90, and the miracle bowl in 2007. Therefore Jets fans and the team have a double inferiority complex. Not only have they rarely been the best team in their division but they are somewhat lightly regarded compared to the Giants franchise and their fans.

    The Jets Inferiority Complex once again manifested when Rex Ryan upon first taking the helm of the Jets very publicly announced that "he did not come to kiss BB's rings." That theme of awkward self-consciousness continued into 2010 when upon defeating the Colts, the blustery Ryan made it a point to announce that the next game against the Patriots "was personal" and it was "Rex Ryan against Bill Belichick."

    Meanwhile the rest of the Jets team, like their coach could not stop yapping. Their malcontents of 'mouthing off' were led by Antonio Cromartie and Ladanian Tomlinson, two players who had previously suffered bitter defeat at the hands of the Patriots as members of the San Diego Chargers. It is no coincidence that the Jets lack of success against the Patriots, culminating in the embarrassing 45-3 beatdown on Monday Night Football has led to strong feelings of resentment and Inferiority from the New York Jets.

    To counter this feeling, the Jets put forth as much bravado and vitriol as they can in the press directed against the once again AFC East champions and league leading New England Patriots. Even the New York Post's "Return of the Jet-i" cover is a telling reminder of how the Jets and their fans envision themselves - as the much weaker force, hoping to overcome overwhelming odds. But merely slinging trash and barking loudly will do little to end the history of dominance and superiority that the Patriots have exercised over the Jets in the past decade.

    No, a Win and only a Win over these Brady led Patriots in the playoffs will suffice to assauge the Inferiority Complex that now festers in Jets nation. Another loss for the Jets would be a tremendous setback, and the familiar refrain of SOJ would haunt the Jets, their coach, and their fans for the rest of the long, dreary offseason. The only thing that would be worse for Jets fans to stomach would be to see yet another coronation of Tom Brady and BB for a Fourth time in the Superbowl to be held in Dallas later this year.

    The New York Jets have put all the pressure on themselves to defeat the 'juggernaut' that is the New England Patriots. And now the Jets come into the home turf of the Patriots with a very large chip on their shoulders, hoping fervently to finally throw off the 'monkey' that is history that has been riding the back of their players, their coaches, and their fanbase for years. The bad news for them is that another loss spells a continuation of their unflattering legacy. The Inferiority Complex is strongly ingrained into the nature of the New York Jets. Do they have what it takes to overcome that as well as a Patriots team that handed them defeat in convincing fashion last December?
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    I've had beers. Too many words. B:blush:ut I think I like it.
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    I didn't read it, just going to respond to the thread title and say:

    Where rock have you been living under? I've known this the second fat man stepped up running his mouth he has a major inferiority complex to this team. He does not mention any team half as much.

    Remember when he used to trade swipes with us and the Dolphins? Just us now.
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    Rex is a classic -- and I mean CLASSIC -- case of persecution/inferiority complex. He blathers and talks and boasts and THEN says "I don't care what anyone thinks." But behind the false bravado he DESPERATELY is seeking attention and validation. Some people think it's all an act, but I doubt it. He's got an obesity problem from overeating to cope with his emotions. And he's also got a twistedly weird approach to sexuality with the fetish/swinger/cuckold lifestyle that fits the profile. All this insecurity filters down to his team and they yap too. A weird, scared bunch of folks down there.
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    It's been well known that the Jets and their fans have been failures for years. I remember going to games in the late nineties through 2000's (up to the Namath hitting on the ESPN reporter - I forget her name - game) where the upper deck was filled with Patriots fans. They want to act like they are a hardcore fanbase, but look at Giants Stadium the past ten years and look at how many orange empty seats you have seen. Look at how many Packer and Steeler and Bear fans fill that stadium every time there is a big game. Their team and their fans are looking to be relevant any way they can - and the only way they know how is to follow Rex Ryan. Think about that. Think about the reputation Rex's dad had. That's who their whole white trash fan base is basing their hope on. The only way they can live with the fact that Boston has dominated them for years is to say we 'cheated.' I have traveled around the country for business/vacation, and the only fanbase that still brings up anything videotape related is Jets fans. Because they are weak, and because they know it.

    Tomorrow their spirit dies. And there is nothing they can do about it, except to cheer their loud mouth, tuff guy team in the white trash fashion that they have thrived on for the past two years.

    Parcells has passed, Mangenious has past, and Rex will pass......
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    "It's not fair. We New Yorkers have been able to enjoy a Yankee dynasty made possible by exercising our financial advantage over everyone else. Why should we have to lower themselves to compete on a level playing field with our lessers? We are New York, we should just be able to take what we want.

    It's embarrassing to have all these chowds winning championships and thinking they are better than us."
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    I wish this were so...
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    Ditto. It's ubiquitous, even in places where the home team doesn't play the Patriots very often.
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    The histrionics of Rex Ryan and his players has made tomorrows game an annoying little bother for the Patriot fans. The Jets have played their game in the media and I don't believe they will be well prepared for the Patriots tomorrow. Basically, I think the Jets are in for hell tomorrow.
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