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Its getting better and better!

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Ilikehappyppl, Nov 29, 2012.

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    wow...just wow.

    Do you even read past the headlines?

    Maybe take a look at why we have this growth?

    Gross domestic product expanded at a 2.7 percent annual rate, the Commerce Department said on Thursday, as faster inventory accumulation and export growth offset weak consumer spending and the first drop in business investment in more than a year.

    While the growth pace was much quicker than the 2.0 percent rate the government estimated last month and the best since the fourth quarter of 2011, it was hardly a sign of strength in the economy given the boost from restocking and weaker consumer spending.

    Excluding inventories, GDP rose at a revised 1.9 percent rate, underscoring sluggish demand. Final sales of goods and services produced in the United States had been previously estimated to have increased at a 2.1 percent pace.

    Business investment fell at a revised 2.2 percent rate instead of 1.3 percent decline. That was the first drop since the first quarter of 2011.

    Economy grew 2.7 percent in third quarter

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