It's Corey Time!

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATSNUTme, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. PATSNUTme

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    I really think that Corey will have a big game againts the Jest this week. Maroney should also have a good one.:rocker:

    I would love to see a formation used with Corey as a single back and Maroney in the slot. Let the Jest put 8 in the Box and we can drop it off to Maroney. Let them spread the field and Corey can rip off a good run. This would be a good formation to use several times during his game.

    BTW, corey got "practice player of the week" last week.:D
  2. The_Dragon

    The_Dragon Practice Squad Player

    Corey seems to be hitting a rich vein of form at just the right time. That's a huge boost for the offense - Corey is one of the talismanic figures on this team. A good, bruising run from Corey is like a big hit from Rodney - it pumps everyone up. Silly as it sounds I really believe plays like that hold more importance come playoff time - they are a statement of intent.
  3. Michael

    Michael Moderator Staff Member Supporter

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    Yes he will. :rocker:
  4. Mike the Brit

    Mike the Brit Minuteman Target Supporter

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    Corey was absolutely excellent against the Titans -- added at least a yard to every run. I hope that the coaches have fun finding ways to use him and Maroney this weekend.
  5. Brownfan80

    Brownfan80 In the Starting Line-Up

    I'm very excited to see what we come out with on offense this time around. We were pretty flat in the last game against the Jets, and I really felt that in that game we abandoned the run way too soon, so I'm sure the coaching staff will devil up something appropriate.

    CD and Maroney should have good games. Faulk too if he plays.
  6. RayClay

    RayClay Hall of Fame Poster

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    The old man is kicking ass in practice?

    Every, "he's old", "he's slacking", "he's washed up" from last year will be turned into a fist in the face of a Jet.

    I think I like your formation, but I fear the consequences of suggesting a play in the thread. Hope I'm wrong.

    To Dragon 10 points for using "talismanic" in a sentence. Good show!
  7. Brownfan80

    Brownfan80 In the Starting Line-Up

    I second that, loved it.
  8. Mike the Brit

    Mike the Brit Minuteman Target Supporter

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    He's also totemic, iconic and charismatic ... :D
  9. PATSNUTme

    PATSNUTme Paranoid Homer Moderator Staff Member Supporter

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    I hope so too. I'm not in the mood.
  10. PatsRule

    PatsRule Banned

    The Jet's are 25th in the NFL against the run,Tom rest your arm for the Chargers, Run The Ball !!!!!
  11. tedy hagler

    tedy hagler Practice Squad Player

    I agree. Dude runs angry. Announcers keep saying he's lost a step, but all I saw was Titan defenders ["led" by the overrated Keith Bull****] flailing away at his ankles last Sunday while Dillon ran into the endzone.

    A future Hall of Famer who is well rested for December and will make mouthy defenders pay.

    And his goal line ability reminds me of Marcus Allen--all he does is get in every time.

    -Tedy Hagler
  12. kptmorgan04

    kptmorgan04 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    It is so great how well corey and maroney complement each other. I love faulk (when he holds onto the ball), but how great do you feel as a fan, after #28 finishes a bruising run and he waves to the sideline for a blow to see Maroney come trotting in. I am a biased fan, but I wouldnt take another 1-2 punch in the NFL today and when you add Faulk, it makes it even better(duece and bush are the only ones that come to mind in consideration).
  13. PATSNUTme

    PATSNUTme Paranoid Homer Moderator Staff Member Supporter

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    Everyone has to hold on to the ball this week. And Tom can't throw any picks. That is the only way we can lose to this team.
  14. chris_in_sunnyvale

    chris_in_sunnyvale In the Starting Line-Up

    This is what the Saints did all year with Deuce and Bush. I wish the Pats did this as well with Dillon and Maroney.

  15. spacecrime

    spacecrime Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    What do you mean? Bush/Duece ran for a combined 1622 yards and 16 TDs. Corey/Maroney ran for 1557 yards and 19 TDs. Pretty similar if you ask me.

    The all purpose (rushing, receiving, returning) yards are about equal, too. 2778 yards and 21 TDs for Bush/Duece and 2681 yards and 20 TDs for Corey/Maroney.

    How do you figure the Pats did so much worse?
  16. BionicPatriot

    BionicPatriot In the Starting Line-Up

    this isn't offbase. Chargers have a bad secondary, lets attack them. Lets use our horses this game against a weak run defense.
  17. FilPats

    FilPats On the Game Day Roster

    Go Corey. Kick some ass. Go Pats:rocker:
  18. pats63

    pats63 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Corey and Maroney is what Dr. Bill ordr for us Patriots Fans.....GO PATS!!!!:rocker:
  19. Pat the Pats Fan

    Pat the Pats Fan In the Starting Line-Up

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    Clock Killin Corey Dillon

    Remember the '04 Colts game and how he took over the second half. Ran for 130+ yards. We pounded the ball for 200+ yards and controlled the clock for 37 minutes. My favorite Clock Killin game.....
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  20. The_Dragon

    The_Dragon Practice Squad Player

    Cheers RC. It was my word of the day yesterday... ;)

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