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Its about time they started cracking down on this

Discussion in 'The PatsFans.com Pub' started by JackPMiller, Apr 11, 2006.

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    Elderly U.S. woman ticketed for crossing street too slowly

    Canadian Press
    Published: Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    LOS ANGELES (AP) - An 82-year-old woman received a ticket for the equivalent of $130 Cdn for taking too long to cross a street.

    Mayvis Coyle said she began shuffling with her cane across a busy road when the light was green, but was unable to make it to the other side before it turned red.

    She said the motorcycle officer who ticketed her on Feb. 15 told her she was obstructing traffic.

    "I think it's completely outrageous," said Coyle, who described herself as a Cherokee medicine woman. "He treated me like a six-year-old, like I don't know what I'm doing."

    Los Angeles police Sgt. Mike Zaboski said police are cracking down on people who improperly cross streets because pedestrian accidents are above normal. He said he could not comment on Coyle's ticket other than to say that it is her word against that of the citing officer.

    "I'd rather not have angry pedestrians," Zaboski said. "But I'd rather have them be alive."

    Others, however, supported Coyle's contention that the light in question does not give people enough time to cross the five-lane boulevard.

    "I can go halfway, then the light changes," said Edith Krause, 78, who uses an electric cart because she has difficulty walking.

    On Friday, the light changed too quickly even for high-school students to make it across without running. It went from green to red in 20 seconds.

    Councilwoman Wendy Greuel said she has asked transportation officials to figure out how to accommodate elderly people.

    "We should look at those areas with predominantly seniors and accommodate their needs in intersections" she said.

    © The Canadian Press 2006

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