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It's a War of words with Jets Fans..SPEAK UP NOW!!!

Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by TheGangGreenShow, Nov 12, 2011.

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    Nov 12, 2011
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    The Gang Green Show is a show by the Jets fans for the Jets fans, but also for the rest of the 31 NFL teams. We all know the intense rivalry between the Jets and The Patriots.

    Well this Sunday before kickoff, starting from 7pm until 9pm EST, The Gang Green Show will be on LIVE, Jason Halliburton & Naim Williams El return return back and better than ever from Atlanta, GA, Live from Mazzy's Sports Bar (The Official Atlanta Jets Bar) here on BlogTalk Radio.

    Jason and Naim will be talking about the Patriots at Jets show down, the fight for the right to claim 1st place in the AFC East and some of the games played in week 10.

    We want all Patriots fans to Call-In to the show and give your 2 cents about the Jets, and upcoming game. Will Brady wither under the Jets pass rush, will Wes Welker get roughed up by Revis? It will be an INTENSE fan to fan war of words, stats and facts. But please no profanity, keep it intense but clean.

    - Listen and Tune in to the show at 7 pm Est on this link -->The Gang Green Radio Show Online Radio by The Gang Green Show | Blog Talk Radio

    - Give your thoughts during the show LIVE by calling the show at (877) 774- 3175 - we'll be with you from 7pm- 8m pm EST

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