"It runs from top to bottom" - Tomlinson in today's Presser

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  1. Seymour93

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    He held another press conference today to support his comments from last night. They just showed highlights on NFL Live.

    Tomlinson said that three time SB champs are expected to act better after victory. Also that he thinks that the lack of class runs from top to bottom.

    Michael Smith had a good point earlier today about the thought that the Pats should "act like they've been there before." He said that the reason why the Pats are successful is because they don't care about the past and play like a hungry team who hasn't won anything.
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    This is never going to go away.. geez
  3. Seymour93

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    You'd think he'd take the advice from his elders (such as Deion Sanders) and STFU. He wants it to go on I guess.

    Looks like we have three threads on this....Merge time.
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    All LT is doing now is further embarassing himself, the Charger organization and the NFL. Unfortunately it's becoming quite obvious that he's got the maturity level of a 10 year old so he's not going to stop himself. And I highly doubt anyone in the Charger organization is on top of things enough to do it for him.
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    Yep, that's a real classy organization you belong to Ladanian. Could you share your views on drug abuse by your teammates? And, while your at it, how about a word on felonies in general. Give it a rest, Ladanian. Nobody outside of San Diego and a few media types with a grudge against the Patriots is listening.
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  6. BradfordPatsFan

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    When his team is a 3 time super bowl champion, then he can lecture the rest of us on how 3 time super bowl champions should act.

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