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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by borg, Jan 26, 2007.

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    My suspicions have now been validated. As I was working the Tivo after the game on Sunday, I thought it was curious that a new official had been installed in the backfield just prior to the Colts 2nd and 7 play that resulted in a pass interference call against the Patriots. As I recall, this new official appeared from behind the Colts mascot stationed in the left corner of the endzone. He seemlessly positioned himself in the corner of the endzone as the replaced official blended in on the sidelines with the CBS technicians. The cameras momentarily focused on the "Manning" sky box where I could of sworn I saw Archie mouth the words, "Our man is in place."
    After the play, as the officials were conferencing in order to get their story straight, I noticed Peyton glancing up to his Dad's luxory box and give him a subtle thumbs up. Archie returned his son's gesture with a mighty fist pump and the words, "cha ching". That endzone official was not found on any replay the rest of the game.
    The NFL Network replay of the game had a different camera angle of that 2nd and 7 play. It showed a medium sized enveloped fall out of the ref's pocket as he threw his penalty flag on the play. Interestingly enough, this new ref had strikingly similar features to the third Manning brother.
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    The third Manning brother? You mean Cooper, who I believe is actually the first Manning brother? The only problem is he's a cripple.

    And if it was Eli, when he threw the flag, it would've been picked off.
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    Are you serious? or is this just a case of paranoia? Or are you joking?
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    I think he's serious....btw, is your refrigerator running?
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    There's a black helicopter flying over my house as I type this. THE FIREWOOD IS IN THE BARN....I repeat...THE FIREWOOD IS IN THE BARN
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    QUICK-- Everyone put on your tin foil hats!!:eek: :D
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    If you look real carefully, it was actually Polian himself disguised as a zebra who threw the pass interference flag on Troy.

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