Israeli threat to strike Iran real, warns Sarkozy

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by MrSparkle, Sep 5, 2008.

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    How credible is this. I'm starting to worry we are going to get dragged into another conflict.

    [QUOTESYRIA: PRESIDENT NICOLAS Sarkozy yesterday explicitly warned that Israel would bomb the Islamic Republic of Iran if it continued to enrich uranium, reports LARA MARLOWE in Damascus.

    "Iran is taking a major risk by continuing the process of obtaining nuclear weapons, which is a certainty for us," Mr Sarkozy said. "Whatever government is in power in Israel, we may wake up one morning and find that Israel has struck.[/QUOTE]
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    #24 Jersey


    I kep going back to what I read on Russia and the georgia conflict. A deal was struck and Bush decided to look the other way on Georgia if Putin looked the other way on Iran. It makes much sense on many levels.

    I wish this were not true but i believe we will send an onslaught of cruise missles into iran knocking their infrastructure to bits. Israel will then finish the job off by flying in and dropping the bombs repeatedly in the same area to blow open a 1/4 mile deep crater or two to knock the plutonium operation to bits.

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