Is Worldnet trying to swiftboat Romney???

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by DarrylS, Jul 14, 2007.

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    Interesting this AM that online newspaper that extols the virtues of the right, has two lead stories one that Romney is more responsible for gay marriage in Mass than he admits and the second that as a board member of Marriot did nothing to stop the choice of pornography in hotel rooms. Maybe they are taking a page out of the RW playbook against their own, wonder how much he pays for a haircut and color?? We will find out soon.

    While former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney claims he did everything possible to throttle homosexual marriage in his state – his campaign now saying he took "every conceivable step within the law to defend traditional marriage" – several constitutional experts say that just isn't so.

    "What Romney did [was] he exercised illegal legislative authority," Herb Titus said of the governor's actions after the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court released its opinion in the Goodridge case in 2003. "He was bound by what? There was no order. There wasn't even any order to the Department of Public Health to do anything."

    The Mormon church-owned Deseret Morning News in Salt Lake City published an editorial criticizing Mormon presidential candidate Mitt Romney for profiting from the pornography industry as a board member of the Marriott International hotel chain.

    The paper pointed out the former Massachusetts governor "caught a bit of flack last week" from critics who charged he did nothing during his 10 years on the board to reverse the corporation's policy of offering pornography on TV in its rooms.

    "Even if the subject never came up at a board meeting, one can argue that at least part of the $25,000 plus stock he was paid annually for his board membership came from the money some hotel guests paid for access to the films," the Tuesday editorial
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    Aren't politcal campaigns great? This is the time that we learn that all candidates, every one of them including their relatives and friends are lower than dog shiit. Which reminds me, their pets are fair game as well.:rolleyes:
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    He's a Morman for God sake, Muslims, Athiests, Indians, Catholics, Baptists, Witches, Drunken Irishmen (Me), Sex Perverts (Billy), Females in Pant Suits, Blow Dry Hair People, Clean African Americans, Morons (Bush), and now the new one the "Diversity Kooks" are slobbering over The Hindu, all those people are fine but for Christ sake we can't have a damn Morman running the country, imagine how that would offend the Muslims, that would be worse than Tapping their phones.
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    Ken doll,eeer empty suit Romney could pick a muslim for VP.Oh wait that wouldn't work it would pizz of the Catholics,Baptists,Sex perverts,Witches,Drunken Irishmen [alot of them running around] he!! it would pizz off just about everyone. Except Mormons,and Muslims. :eek:

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