Is this the NRA or just another ruse aimed at stirring up crap..

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by DarrylS, Dec 27, 2006.

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    Came across this comic book attributed to the NRA, not sure if it is real as there is continuing discussion about it.. the NRA has denied its involvement, nonetheless it is an interesting view on immigration, hippie chicks and the justification for the need of a lot of guns... It is in PDF format, so there is some difficulty copying and pasting..

    Second Amendment freedom
    today stands naked in the path of
    a marching axis of adversaries far
    darker and more dangerous than
    gun owners have ever known.
    Acting alone and in shadowy
    coalitions, these enemies of
    freedom are preparing for a
    profound and foreboding
    confrontation in which they will
    not make the mistakes of their
    predecessors. We’d better be ready.

    Gun-Ban The Bankrollers
    F r e e d o m i n P e r i l

    It is a sort of disease when you
    consider yourself some kind of
    god, the creator of everything,
    but I feel comfortable about it
    now since I began to live it out.
    - George Soros,
    The Independent, U.K., 2004
    He admits that American free enterprise and
    open-market capitalism made him a billionaire.
    Now he's spending those billions to defeat capitalism
    and almost everything America stands for.

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