Is there a radio link anywhere on the net?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by ChadJacksonFan, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. ChadJacksonFan

    ChadJacksonFan Practice Squad Player

    The WBCN 104.1 FM link does not work and I can't get direct tv for NFL right now there is a problem in the mid south with direct tv on NFL PPV.
  2. PatsFan-NH

    PatsFan-NH Practice Squad Player

    If you go to they have radio links for all the games. I think you can even pick which announcing team you want (Pat or Jets). But... you have to pay for it. I think it is called field pass. You can't just buy one game, but have to get the whole thing. But I think its less than $20.00.

    Good luck finding something.
  3. shakadave

    shakadave In the Starting Line-Up

    You can go to and buy FieldPass for $30 or $40 and get all radio broadcasts for the rest of the season.
  4. unoriginal

    unoriginal In the Starting Line-Up

    Sometimes I visit here, never felt the need to post, then I saw this thread and I was like "This man needs me! Sign me up!"

    Almost a day later, I'm cleared to post. :rolleyes: Anywho, here's what I would have written:

    You shouldn't have to pay to listen to freakin' web radio. Forget that FieldPass nonsense.

    Go to and go to the NFL section. Lucky for you guys the Pats are one of the few - perhaps the only! - NFL team(s) that does not allow its affliated radio stations to broadcast the game live on the internet. That's why if you go to the stations listed under the Pats section, you'll only hear dead air or Muzak. Hooray!

    Solution: Go to the section of the team the Pats are playing and select a feed. I'm currently listening to WABC 770, and WEPN 1050 also has a pretty clear radio feed. Although, if your addition overloads the feed I'll have no choice but to hunt you down and fork you in the eye.

    Otherwise Go Pats!
  5. World Champs 3X

    World Champs 3X Practice Squad Player

    Thanks great link
  6. packfan

    packfan Rookie

    Sorry, there is one other team -- The Packers network will not allow the games broadcast either. That will make it rough for this week's game.
  7. nescott

    nescott Supporter Supporter

    WBCN under NFL rules blocks all internet feeds outside of Boston you will hear Music from the station only.
  8. unoriginal

    unoriginal In the Starting Line-Up

    Well nuts. Still, good to know. There's probably a few other teams as well, I haven't gone team by team on gamedays.

    Would you happen to know what rule that would be? That seems to be operating inversely to the TV blackout rule, which states that TV coverage inside a team's market will be "blacked-out" if seats are not sold out 3 (?) days before a game. I know Jacksonville, with its nascent fan base, gets around this by tarping over unsellable seats, thereby "selling out" the game.

    If it's an NFL rule, it must only apply to the Patriots because I'm not in the New York market and I still got the feeds for WEPN and WABC.

    That may come off as belligerent, but I don't mean to be. I think we got the beginnings of a good thread here on helping out-of-market NFL fans in general - and obviously Pats fans in particular - follow their team, and it'd be nice to suss out what the hell is going on with the radio feeds.
  9. packfan

    packfan Rookie

    Three years ago, all the feeds were free. BUT -- in order to keep their affiliate status, the NFL forced the local stations to block the game in order to create a demand for FieldPass. Some still do air the games, just on a couple of minute delay. But not the Packer stations.
  10. unoriginal

    unoriginal In the Starting Line-Up

    You seem to be by and large right. I can't find coverage of any of this on a league-wide basis, but I have found posts from a couple of team fan bases that match yours.

    Seahawks, last couple of comments

    San Diego

    The conjecture seems to be that the NFL "doesn't realize" that the stations that do so are broadcasting on the internet. However, you'd think if the NFL was so thouroughly policing the radio networks of the Chargers, Patriots, and Packers they'd surely have noticed the affliated radio stations of the New York Jets?

    I'd like to ask a media person to poll the NFL on this whole can of worms, but I get the feeling that if this is brought up it will just lead to more feeds getting shut down.

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