Is there a problem in the FO here???

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Pats726, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Pats726

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    I just listened to PFW..aired Wed and the one point that I am worried about (cross that out..more possibly concerned with,,,better) is if there is something going on that is pushing Patriots to other teams and keeping other players from here.
    They mentioned that McGinest had said in passing about he wouldn't comment on what was happening there. They also seemed to think that it was a personal situation with AV leaving. They wondered if there was a feeling that players do NOT wish to come here.
    I don't buy that...but I think it's interesting that that is being suggested and have not seen anything directly on this on the board. Thoughts??
  2. PatsRI

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    "Let me say this 'They hate thier coach."

    Sound familiar? When the Pats are down, even alittle, and a guy leaves it becomes a personal reason. When they've just won a Super Bowl it's a money thing. If they paid Adam and Willie $1 more then the Colts and Browns I'm willing to bet both guys would have been back. Plus, didn't they try the touchy feely approach with Pete Carroll and Bobby Grier? Didn't exactly work all that well did it?
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  3. Remix 6

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    I never understood those rumors that players hate coach BB. What was it all about and why would they hate him?
  4. BelichickFan

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    Yeah, I'd say the "problem" is the Patriots aren't offering nutty money. For 3 years / $12M we all know McGinest would have been in Foxboro.
  5. OhExaulted1

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    The Lawyer Millor release created the impetus of that backlash. It was a week before the first game and there were many adverse comments and columns written.
  6. PATSNUTme

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    I heard the same bull**** spouted by the idiots on NEST the other night. Only they were concerned about Kraft 'meddeling" and BB and Scott getting pissed at him.

    It's just off season media conjecture and I don't pay any attention to them.
  7. DarrylS

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    I think we need a coach that can get them "jacked up" before a big game, that would make this franchise more appealing. All kidding aside, look at how well a second tier player like Ashworth made out, a 13 million contract for essentially a second string player. This is so much BS about players wanting to leave, the bottom line is money and in reality some players are worth more to their new team than they are to the Patriots. Do not expect any "sexy" signings, they will bring on some hard nosed blue collar guys, and after about 4 years they will be offerred more than here and they will move on. I would much rather have depth and character, than a few highly paid and morons.

    I cannot believe that Kraft, Pioli or BB would tolerate any front office distractions.
  8. patriotsrule

    patriotsrule Practice Squad Player

    That was there point. They didn't say players didn't want to come here because of BB. They simply said if players can earn more money from other teams, why would they come to New England for less? It had nothing to do with Belichick so everyone can relax and take a deep breath. No one was criticizing Belichick because as we all know, he can do no wrong.
  9. Pats726

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    The concern was not that it was from any media people....who I could care less about, but was from the Patriots Football Weekly people. They do have a bit more access and..may have a closer feel for what is going on...which is why I was a bit more concerned.
    The mentioned how the AV situation might have gotten personal..and??? Who knows..I don't buy it, but I thought it should be mentioned...even to trash it.
  10. BelichickFan

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    No one ever said Belichick or Pioli is perfect. But just because players go running for the money doesn't mean there's a problem in the Patriots' front office.
  11. Pats726

    Pats726 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    I think the point of the PFW guys was that it SEEMED it was more than just money..I don't know..listen to's from the Patriot's web site...I just found it odd..that they hinted at it..and that no one had mentioned it here...
  12. patpatriot

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    Turn it around

    Ashworth comes here a nobody nothing bum. He gets good coaching and a gradual exposure to starting on an NFL OL. His team is successful so all the players visibility rises. He's fortunate enough to be associated with a real mensch named Brady who won't do commercials unless his OL teamates are involves resulting in even more visibility. He gets to catch a TD in the Superbowl due to the Pats non-traditional approach. Thus a nobody who should be teaching shop and coaching a high school team makes a big score in the NFL due the Kraft/Pioli/BB regime. What was he losing out on in the years when he was under the Pat's control? Why wouldn't you want to come here and follow the same trajectory?
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  13. Fanfrom1960

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    Ashworth caught a TD in the Super Bowl? Which one?
  14. Bill's Girl

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    It was not in the Super Bowl, it was against Tampa Bay last December.
  15. IcyPatriot

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    I think it's as simple as letting the right players go that let others rise to the leadership on the team(Locker). I can see why this would rub players the wrong way if my opinion is correct. Signing and releasing players to determine leadership would be taboo teritory for a Coach/GM.

    Then, I look at it like that with a twist. Perhaps Belichick will be stepping down in a year or so...taking a rest in the front office or whatever...and feels that he needs to rid the team of any old allegiances that could hinder a new coach.

    Just my opinion...a guess really...because I don't see any problems from coaches and management side...players always complain...don't they???
  16. Bill's Girl

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    Defibrilator, please!

    I think part of this uncertainty comes from not knowing for how long his contract was extended! He will be 54 next month, I don't think he is ready to walk away yet.
  17. T-ShirtDynasty

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    Holy water and a Seal of Solomon, please! F.B.N. has obviously been overcome by dark forces and we need to exorcise the demons from his mind before he goes completely mad!!!
  18. Fanfrom1960

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    Yes. Guess I should have put an incredulous smilie on my post, maybe this one. :wha:
  19. Caspir

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    Players know they won't get top dollar to come here, and it's starting to take its toll. That "come here and win a ring" stuff is okay for some guys, but most can go somewhere else with the same opportunity. This isn't 2004/2005 when we're just head and shoulders above everybody. There's plenty of contenders. When players like Keyshawn say to the media, "... or I could go to New England and play for five bucks," that's not just one loud mouthed athlete talking trash. That's the eprception around the league.
  20. Pats726

    Pats726 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    perception...and in a way..true the Pats do NOT overpay..and there is nothing wrong with that...and the middle tiered players may get MORE than other teams....which is just a structure...

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