Is the increased amount of RFAs moving the league closer to parity?

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    NFL: Tame free-agent market could increase parity - ESPN

    I think we will be a lot of records between 6-10 and 11-5 than we saw last season,I don't see more than 2 or maybe 3 teams with 12 or more wins this season,It could be fun.

    Unlike some in here who don't understand how wacky it is for teams to go on shopping frenzies and risk ruining the core of thier team,this article is an indicator that more teams than just a few are like New England and more intent on signing thier own players first and to pick up the pieces to the puzzle later on.

    Some in here think that the Pats are one of only a few that have not done much on the market....they need to take a closer look because NE has lots of company doing the same thing and taking the same smart approach.

    A good example of this is the Redskins whose owner Dan Snyder usually goes crazy in FA but with the new coach in place and one of the best coaches in the last 15 years in Shanahan,I think Mike talked a little sense into Snyder and focus on the team at hand instead of continuing to add more highly paid underachievers.
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