Is The Government Misrepresenting Unemployment By 32%?

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by PatriotsReign, Jan 8, 2010.

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    "Which is why when we looked at the Daily Treasury Statement data we were very surprised: because it indicates that the government could be underrepresenting employment data by up to 32%!

    The suddenly very prominent topic of Unemployment Insurance, whether it pertains to Initial Claims or to Emergency Unemployment, has one very useful characteristic: it is based on "money", specifically money outflows from the US treasury which goes to fund the weekly "paychecks" of those that have not been in the workforce for well over a year. And as pointed out earlier, money can be followed. The US Treasury presents a daily in and outflow of all money sources in the Daily Treasury Statement prepared by the Financial Management Service. And in the plethora of data presented here, probably the most relevant and useful data series is the Withdrawals quantified in the form of Unemployment Insurance Benefits."

    The answer to this question in all likelihood is.... "YES"
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    Non farm payroll went down 85k last month. Many expected an increase in non farm payroll seasonal employees will be laid off.

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