Is Maroney our X-factor in playoffs?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by ALP, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. ALP

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    Allrigth, i made this observation a little while ago...about a month at least...and i saw it last saturday as well....and it makes me wonder...

    last yr i had to say maroney caught the ball out of the backfield VERY nicely...and did a very good job...and the few times it was thrown to him this yr he did very good again...

    and now he is starting to run well as well...

    BUT...the checkdown to the RB is wut i am talking about...
    maroney is in the game on passing downs a LOT...and faulk's time is decreasing...

    however, maroney is almost always open for the checkdown throw for 4-6 yds AT THE VERY LEAST, like every single time he is in...

    he sometimes gets a little block...other times he just goes right out....and he is open in the middle of hte field, with no defenders on him....yet brady doesnt even look

    if u have recorded the game, and u watch it again, plz look for that...see if im right...which i believe i am

    why are the pats and brady NOT throwing to a wide open maroney on the flat?
  2. BradyToMoss

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    Maroney is deadly out in the flat. How about those 2 swing passes he busted for like 40-50 yard runs a few weeks back.

    I agree, if McDaniels can design some delayed screens to Maroney and mix them in to the normal game plan, I'm all for it. This kid out in space is deadly and I'm loving the power he is now running with. For him to pound in those 5 and 6 yard TD off tackle runs on Saturday were great. We'll need every once of that effort out of him going forward.

    With that said, how huge was Kevin Faulk Sat night. That kid just makes the biggest catches, he has an uncanny knack for squeezing out every possible inch he can get in traffic.

    Both of these guys used on screens, will be huge going foward, I really hope McDaniels utilizes each guy in this way.
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  3. Keegs

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    Apr 11, 2006
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    I think Watson will be our X-factor to be completely honest with you.

    Maroney will be our Z-factor.

    Kevin Faulk will once again be our W-factor (which he usually is)
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