Is Maroney our # 1 RB now?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by carolinatony, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. carolinatony

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    Do we have a #1 RB or are we splitting carries. It doesn't matter as long as we win.

    When the Patriots were driving midway through the fourth quarter and rookie Laurence Maroney entered the huddle, he was given specific instructions from Brady.

    "Tom was like, 'Stay in bounds and get a first down,' and I was like, 'Hey, I'm trying to get the touchdown,' " said Maroney, who darted 27 yards for what turned out to be the winning score. "I was due for one."
  2. Pats726

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    No...I don't see him in that role..I really like Dillon to start and to get the running game going and to soften up the D line..and then later on bringing in Maroney..
  3. CheerforTom

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    Before yesterday I might've said yes, but Corey made it clear that he still has the ability and drive to take the majority of the carries. I suspect as Maroney gets back to 100% we'll see him taking a few more carries and splitting KR/PR, but Corey will stay as the starter.

    I also predict that next year we'll see an '05 Steelers situation where Maroney is the definite #1 with Corey coming in as a 3rd and short style back to just hammer it in (Bettis).
  4. pats63

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    I agree with bro.......Maroney is learning from one of the best backs....GO PATS!!!!!:rocker:
  5. IcyPatriot

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    .................. :yeahthat: .................
  6. tombonneau

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    I don't know if he is the starter yet, but he def. needs to be in on more plays come playoffs. With no real explosiveness to our passing game, LM is the only really explosive guy on offense and simply needs more touches. With Dillon, LM's 27 yd TD would have been a 12 yd carry. And as I have stated in my opinions on LM & the 06 Pats, this offense cannot afford to leave points on the field.
  7. MrBigglesWorth

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    based on just yesterday's game faulk was in their 40% of the time. maroney's involvment is quality versus quantity. Read Pete Prisco

    Offensive participation
    Here is an unofficial look at the snaps taken by Patriots offensive skill position players (non-quarterbacks) in Sunday's win over the Jaguars. The figures don't include the final three kneel-downs or snaps in which a penalty was called and negated the play:

    WR Reche Caldwell -- 57 of 67 snaps (85 percent)
    WR Troy Brown -- 55 of 67 (82 percent)
    WR Jabar Gaffney -- 50 of 67 (74.6 percent)
    TE Daniel Graham -- 31 of 67 (46.2 percent)
    WR Kelvin Kight -- 29 of 67 (43.2 percent)
    TE David Thomas -- 28 of 67 (41.7 percent)
    RB Kevin Faulk -- 27 of 67 (40.2 percent)
    RB Corey Dillon -- 19 of 67 (28.3 percent)
    RB Laurence Maroney -- 11 of 67 (16.4 percent)
    WR Chad Jackson -- 7 of 67 (10.4 percent)
    FB Heath Evans -- 7 of 67 (10.4 percent)
    WR Bam Childress -- 4 of 67 (5.9 percent)
    LB/TE Mike Vrabel -- 4 of 67 (5.9 percent)
    OT/TE Wesley Britt -- 2 of 67 (2.9 percent)
  8. Box_O_Rocks

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    Interesting, Evans was in half of what I normally document for him, which makes sense when you look at the passing game the Pats had for the game plan...It also would explain Faulk's percentage...Jackson had more snaps than I thought and Bam had fewer. Thanks for posting!
  9. TruthSeeker

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    Not to change the subject, but I like seeing Gaffney in there a lot. I think he will wind up being a good pickup, not a star, but a solid receiver. Seems to have picked up the offense fast too (no offense meant to Jackson, can't wait to see what he can do next year).

    As far as Maroney, not the #1 back yet, he is still learning, should wind up with around 700 yards after our last game, a very solid rookie season. Next year might be another story, another year older for Dillon.
  10. MrBigglesWorth

    MrBigglesWorth Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    I agree, it blows my mind he was on the street.

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