Is Hollywood Finally Waking Up

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Harry Boy, Jan 23, 2008.

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    Looks like the People are finally getting sick of the Anti American Hollywood Wife Swappers Garbage, when a country is at war, when our families lives are in danger, when tattooed Gang Banger Animals are roaming our big city streets killing each other and anybody else who gets in their line of fire, when there are thousands of smelly greasy religious terrorist bastards plotting to enter our country and blow us up, while we sit idly by and watch 12 million illegal alien criminals invade our country while our president and the rest of the filthy politicians stand around grinning and have a debate about same sex weddings and all the rest of their political bullsh!t.

    With all those things and especially the security of our country to worry about who in the name of God Jesus gives a sh!t what a "F-cked Up Loony Millionaire Actor' has to say about the world or anything in it.

    Most Actors Belong In Mental Hospitals, They Should Only Be Let Out To Make A Movie And Then Quickly Returned.
    I Walk With God.

    Variety News Today.
    Iraq films barely a blip on Oscar radar


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