Is Comcast Redzone Channel in HD in Boston?

Discussion in 'The Help Desk' started by brdmaverick, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. brdmaverick

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    Hey guys,

    A co-worker who lives in Boston said that Comcast now provides the Redzone Channel in HD on channel 899.

    I am 25 minutes outside the city and yet I don't see a channel 899 on my TV listing.

    I don't see it listed as a different number either. Is it possible that I STILL don't get the redzone channel in HD? Why would it be so selective.

    So, which of us forum members in the Boston area get this channel in HD via comcast? And what channel number is it?

  2. muzz

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    Easton ma. Comcast- 899 is NFLRD (RZ digital I imagine).right now it says "off air", and when I click it says "subscription required"
  3. italia44

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    yea,it's new on ch 899.......I live in Chelsea("Beirut on the Mystic",as Howie Carr,so aptedly named it).................the menu shows it as "off-air",until 1:00pm sunday and then it has NFL REDZONE.

    This is the first time i've seen it listed in HD,so if you're in Mass.,it should be there.......peter
  4. Gator Mike

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    Unfortunately, it's not a region-wide launch. Comcast is launching the HD version a few towns at a time where they can create enough bandwidth. I believe the goal is to have the HD channel launched throughout New England by the end of the season, but I"m not sure how realistic that is.
  5. taltos

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    In Saugus, MA, 287 digital, 899 high def. Hope that this helps. Paul
  6. RichardHead

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    Same here in Millis, 287 lo-def and 899 HD. I've had 287 since the begining of the season, but only the HD feed for the last 2 weeks. 3 weeks ago it was showing the same thing someone up thread mentioned (requiring a subscription etc), when I called Comcast they had no clue, but by the next week it was working. So it seems to me it's a slow roll out (Millis is in the process of picking up a whole bunch of HD channels through November).

    BTW, I think NFL Red Zone is the best channel evah! When the Pats game isn't on (or when they cut to commercial) I'm watching Red Zone. I can't believe the networks (CBS and Fox) agreed to this. You get to watch their feeds but without any commercials! You can easily follow 3 or 4 games and not miss anything important (since they'll show a replay of something that just happened, or go split screen in some cases). I've never had Direct TV Sunday Ticket, but I would have to say this is a better deal (unless you happen to be a fan living in a different city and you want to watch your team's entire game).
  7. edgeofepic

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    Yeah, I just noticed it today in North Attleboro. It was dumb of comcast not to provide Red Zone in HD from Day 1. It's equally dumb that they roll it out to customers without letting customers know. They have our contact information and zip codes -- why not send out an email to let folks know?

    I know why. B/c it's comcast and they suck.

    If I didn't live in a condo I'd be happier giving my money to Directv.

    Comcast truly blows but at least we now have Red Zone in HD.

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