Is Bethel Johnson still not getting it?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by smg93, Aug 30, 2006.

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    #54 Jersey

    During April's draft, Hofstra wide receiver Marques Colston went to New Orleans with the 252nd overall pick, only three spots away from becoming the NFL's Mr. Irrelevant. Now Colston has become highly relevant in New Orleans passing attack.

    Colston has gone from seventh-round draft pick, from near the bottom of the depth chart, to inheriting the starting spot that was vacated when the Saints traded Stallworth to Philadelphia. Even before the trade, Colston was taking some snaps with the Saints first-team offense.

    One of Colston's best attributes is his size -- he's 6-foot-4, 230 pounds. And if anyone had any doubts about how much he would play this season, Saints coach Sean Payton recently dispelled them.

    "He's gonna play, all right. He's gonna play," Payton told New Orleans reporters. "He's been doing it all camp. You guys have been there. It hasn't just been one practice, one scrimmage -- it's every time he puts the pads on."

    Wow, if Bethel gets beat out by this guy, will he finally wake up and figure out that despite what he thinks, he really isn't doing enough to become a WR in the NFL?

    I liked the Sullivan trade when it happened not because I knew a whole lot about Jonathan, but I just thought that it really was something we could do with nothing to lose since BJ wasn't going to make the team anyway. With the recent performance of Sullivan and the injuries to Bethel, this could really be a great trade for the team.
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    I know Bethel got hurt on a KO return last preseason game, I don't know the severity of it though. If anything the Saints will probably keep him around for kick offs if he doesn't go on the PUP.
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    Colston seems to fit well in Payton's offensive scheme - the one where he thought Bethel's straightline speed would make him more effective than he was in New England.

    Bethel's averaging over 28 yds/KR, BB might have considered keeping him still, if that was his output in camp.
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    If he's played in a game PUP is not available...

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