Is Bam Childress on the practice squad?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by LasVegasPatsFan, Dec 14, 2006.

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    Is Bam still on the practice squad?
  2. DarrylS

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    Bam Childress is on the PS, listed as #13.
  3. Box_O_Rocks

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    In addition to the dicussion RayClay has going on route running precision and the degree of difficulty for receivers, I think there may be an element of "role" playing for each WR. Bam has strongly reminded me of Troy Brown when I watch him play. I can't help wondering if the reason he remains on the Practice Squad (when there would appear to be a need for another WR who has some experience in the system) is that he is being groomed for Troy's 3rd WR role and not needed to assume that role with Troy on the roster.

    Caldwell is playing in Branches #1 WR role when you look at how he is used on tape, but may be a better #2 in the future in the Givens' role. Then again, Gaffney or Kight could come on and fill that role leaving Reche as the #1 WR.

    Many were excited about Chad Jackson, but when he has played he has been more of a #4/5 guy in the role Dwight was playing. Reportedly his college work was more in the short/quick game and could see him suited to replace Caldwell, but that requires health to allow him time with Brady and time to learn to read defenses in his sleep.

    Brady's four thousand yard season in 2005 came when he had a quick & shifty, great hands guy at #1, a bigger bodied chain mover and blocker at #2, a sneeky perfectionist at #3, and speed with some quicks at #4. That also is similar to the 2003/2004 group with Branch, Givens, Brown, and Patten.

    Gabriel seemed to be more in the Davis role - run downfield, hope you can find the ball in the lights. With no Special Teams value, at least as long as Maroney was such a good returner, he was expendable.

    We are talking the Weis offense here, it will be interesting to see who develops in his offense at Notre Dame as his recruits start running the pass routes...

    Anywho, just some idle speculation triggered by the Childress question.
  4. unoriginal

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    Nov 12, 2006
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    Going off what box wrote, Kight, who more or less replaced Gabriel on the active roster, is the same height as Doug, and is about half a foot taller than Childress, who is listed as the same size as Ray Mickens.

    Obviously Kight's size will be a help on special teams, but his elevation to the active roster over a player we might consider more "proven" may be a sign this club expects him to do some of the things Gabriel did as a position player, and that Childress is precluded from doing due to height. Clearly the Pats feel they need a big receiver over a WR/DB tweener.
  5. pats1

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    The 53-man roster is at 53 men.

    The practice squad is full at 8 men:

    Brian Barthelmes
    Danny Baugher
    Sean Bubin
    Bam Childress
    Justin Phinisee
    Guss Scott
    Santonio Thomas
    Rod Trafford

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