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Iraq pressing U.S. to release Iranians

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Holy Diver, Apr 3, 2007.

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    Excuse me...WTF?

    BAGHDAD, Iraq -- The Iraqi Foreign Ministry continues to push for the release of five Iranians detained during a U.S. military raid in January, Iraq's Deputy Foreign Minister Labid Abawi told CNN on Tuesday.

    It was unclear whether the situation of the five Iranians had any connection to negotiations aimed at freeing 15 British sailors and marines held by Iran.

    When asked if the Iranians could be released in exchange for the Britons, Abawi said "as far as we know, it's not a factor."

    "We have no indication that there is any attempt by the Iranians to do an exchange," he said.

    However, he did note that the release "maybe could provide some sort of good condition for the release of the sailors."

    "Any problem solved maybe can help solve another problem," he said.

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