Iran and Qods

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    #80 Jersey

    Since the IAEA is reporting that Iran's nuclear plants ar efor fuel...

    lets change the subject again.

    NOW its the Iranian guard who are "terrorists".


    "They are responsible for providing the weapons, the training, the funding and in some cases the direction for operations that have indeed killed U.S. soldiers,"

    "There is no question about the connection between Iran and these components, (the) attacks that have killed our soldiers."

    "The ambassador is a Qods force member," said Petraeus, before appearing to suggest that Kazemi-Qomi was not under the U.S. military spotlight because he was a diplomat.
    "There should be no question about the malign, lethal involvement and activities of the Qods force in this country"

    "They are implicated in the assassination of some governors in the southern provinces," said Petraeus.

    Asked to be more specific, he said one case "was clearly an explosively formed projectile".

    "They only come from Iran and they are only used by militias so it's a sort of a signature trademark of militia extremists. The other case the suspicion is the same, we just don't have the same quality of forensics."

    Get ready for war everyone! get ready for the economic downfall!

    Yippeeeee! feel the FREEDOM!

    our leadership is a joke!
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    economic downfall? heck, what do the "Haves" and "Have Mores" care?... The 1%-ers have sopped up all the money they need at this point... from Savings & Loan forward, the elites don't really fear a recession in the least.... the super wealthy didn't bat an eyelid in the 1930s either...

    but anyway, you gotta love when the same crowd that was wrong about every single aspect concerning Iraq is now insisting there's somehow "no question" regarding "evidence" against Iran...

    like i said, it's happening all over again.... and this apathetic nation doesn't seem to notice or care... too busy watching the O.C., Heroes and Home Makeover to actually pay attention to how our corporate-controlled government is syphoning our dollars towards a New World Order... Papa Bush actually said that phrase at one time...

    rotten to the core...
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