Iphone & Itouch TapATalk Upgrade - PM's Now Part of Software

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    I'll backtrack since many of you don't know about this - or at least judging by the e-mails some people don't.

    I installed a plugin for an Iphone/Itouch App called, "TapATalk" which is available in the App store and is designed for vbulletin forums to make them easier to read on those screens. The previous version didn't include PM's, etc., but they did an upgrade and the new build is a bit smoother and also includes PM support - so you can check and send PM's using the software now as well as use the forum quickly and easily.

    For those of you who don't have it, the App is available from the App Store for $2.99. Again - I have no affiliation with them (and they and Apple are the ones who get your money - not me ;)) - so you'll need to contact them if you have any questions at the following link:

    Tapatalk - Online Community at your fingertips!.

    For those of you who have it installed already - you'll have to logout, and log back in for the PM's to appear. At least that's what I experienced - it may be different for you.
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