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    ***** The Patriots had trouble moving the ball consistently in that first half. The reason was fairly obvious. Brady had little or no time to find receivers for deep, or even mid-range passes.

    ***** Fast forward to the second half. Whatever changes Dante made for the blocking schemes, they worked ... sort of. Brady still couldn't pull out the rocking chair; but he did have more time, and more room to step up, when he had to.

    ***** In addition, of course, Josh McDaniel put in a whole package of screens and quick slants that took much less time to complete.

    ***** In my opinion, it was those changes, and, of course, the ability of the players to execute them, that put us back in control of the game offensively. When we have that control, we can't be beaten. We win the time of possession. We score on most drives. Our defense is rested. The opponent is forced out of their game plan. Game over.

    ***** On the field, a little more emphasis on the comment about the execution of the players in the second half. The OL, with lots of excellent help from TE Brady, and "Stonewall" Faulk, shut down the "fast lane" to Brady in the second half.

    ***** On the other side of the ball, the rest of the front 7 joined Mike Vrabel in pressuring Roethlisberger much more than they had in the first half. Our secondary didn't have to stay with receivers as long; and were usually in position to make the plays they needed to slow, and ultimately stop, the Steelers.

    ***** This was a second half "pressure win". The pressure on Brady was reduced. The pressure on Roethlisberger was increased. That is my story line on this one.

    ***** A huge win for us. As the song says, I just want to celebrate!

    (Yes. Of course I loved the "Guarantee" chant!) :)

    "I don't have a whole lot of what-ifs. We won three Super Bowls," (Tom Brady)
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