Interview with PFW's Fred Kirsch

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Murphys95, Nov 14, 2006.

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    Patriots Football Weekly's Editor-in-Chief joined me for an interview on our latest post-game show. He offers up some great insight into Tom Brady's miscues, Chad Jackson's progress, and the Patriots playcalling. It's worth the listen. Link for the show is below.

    Murphy's Patriots Post-Game Show Link

    Click the button labeled "listen now" for streaming audio.

    This is the only post-game show produced and hosted by Patriots fans. Give a listen.
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    Good stuff; glad to not hear any sugar-coating. Re: the interview with Fred Kirsch, I too didn't like Charlie's 3rd-and-3 reverses (see: SB38) or, especially, his 3rd-and-3 empty backfields. At least his play-calling and his formations were creative. One of the problems with this offense is, the formation reveals the play-call. A running formation produces a running attempt, and a passing formation produces a passing attempt. TB is no master of deception, either. The fact that JMcD is wholly unqualifed to be the OC of the NEP is no longer open to debate. As my favorite detective, Ford Fairlane, would say: Case cah-lohsed.

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