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  1. Sicilian

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    This is mostly for people who attend the practices (since I've never been), but I'm curious how most people view certain things that happen in training camp. For example, if Price catches a pass while McCourty is covering him, are you encouraged that Price is looking comfortable, or discouraged that McCourty didn't make the play?

    I saw a post from someone who said the O-Line looked shaky, but also said the pass rush looked terrible... not that the two things couldn't both be true, but it seems like you wouldn't be able to tell one was bad without viewing the other as good.

    So, for those of you in attendance, how do you judge which players are doing well as opposed to which players are underperforming (and thus making others look good)?
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    It depends on how badly or closely someone was beaten. But that's a one play scenario. I don't judge guys on one play. Or two.
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