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Internet Specials for Ben Watson's Fundraiser

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Den-in-NH, Jul 3, 2009.

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    Quick note fore anyone who's interested.

    As you may know I'm organizing and promoting Benjamin Watson's Fundraiser on July 25th for his charity, One More.

    Just put up some special "internet only" packages for the event. These packages will save you between $10 - $20 off of the a la cart door prices for the event. Available on-line only, I will not be offering these prices at the door. Again proceeds to benefit One More. Thanks, here's the link:

    New England Player Promotions - Event Tickets

    Also, got some cool features for this event - someone will win a pair of Pats tickets for a game this year and a game-worn signed jersey from Benjamin, personalized to the winner upon request. Great auction items this year too, highlighted by a signed jersey from Tom Brady which Tom donated to support Ben and One More.

    BTW, If anyone from PatsFans is planning on attending, I'd be curious to know. Drop me a post on this thread or a PM - I'd love to run into some of you guys out there in the real world.


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