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    just in case you are interested...
    the nfl network is premeiring a show called america's game this i just checked out the site
    if you notice the top bar is scrolls towards the left with all the SB champions by year..If you scroll the pats championship yrs and select the 2004 team and select the 2nd video clip which has a thumbnails of brown hugging his 2 shows a 1 min clip of BB talking about how everyone was saying this was a great team and then they went to cincy in preseason and played badly and BB took the starters out in 1 quarter and then put back in the 3rd to send a message that they were not as good as they thought they were...
    Found it quite interesting since i havent seen that clip before and kinda reinforces how well BB knows the pulse of the team and iam sure how bad/good we are right now this season...

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