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Interesting tidbit about Vinatieri and Pats/Packers offers from Cafardo/Borges/Curran

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsRI, Mar 22, 2006.

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    Cafardo thinks both the Packers and Pats did not have a chance to match. He also says that the Packers couldn't get a "pinpoint what Vinatieri wanted in a contract. I think, for whatever reason, Adam wanted out of NE and then used GB to up his price.


    The Packers appeared to be front-runners for Vinatieri and were prepared to make him the highest-paid kicker after allowing their own free agent, Ryan Longwell, to sign a four-year, $8 million deal with a $3 million bonus with the Vikings. But the Packers never got a chance to match or trump Indianapolis's offer, nor apparently did the Patriots.

    Vinatieri hit it off with new Packers coach Mike McCarthy in his visit. The kicker also renewed acquaintances with his former agent, Andrew Brandt, now the Packers' vice president who negotiates deals. Everything pointed to a good fit, including the fact that Vinatieri is the best cold-weather kicker in the league. But while dealing with Hurst, the Packers weren't able to pinpoint what Vinatieri wanted in a contract.

    Vinatieri has said that he longed for an opportunity to kick in either a warm-weather climate or a dome. He has a home in Celebration, Fla., but no Florida team was interested in him.

    To present the other side here is Borges' piece. I think he must have a big grin right about now after writing this one. He says the Pats did not offer signing bonus. but also states that:

    " According to a management source within the Green Bay Packers, who were also seeking his services, Vinatieri made it clear he was looking for both the guaranteed money New England had denied him and an opportunity to close out a potential Hall of Fame career in a dome."

    Borges also goes on to say:

    "According to sources close to Vinatieri, he was not willing to risk playing in New England again without a guaranteed signing bonus after seeing what had happened to Drew Bledsoe, Lawyer Milloy, Ty Law, and several other veterans."


    Curran says the Pats were in discussions yesterday to keep him.

    "Yesterday afternoon he agreed to terms with the Colts. A source confirmed that the Patriots were involved yesterday in negotiations to keep Vinatieri in New England. "

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    Yeah, Borges was in full gloat mode today. First time in a while he has been this happy. Maybe that is a good sign, because every time he gets this way the Pats make him look like an idiot.
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    I agree about Borges...he is happy likes to see fans rise up and be angry..he loves it... This means the Patriots will do some interesting things and he will be again down the hopper where he belongs.
    As far as AV goes, he obviously wanted out...and kicking in a dome is so much where a good kicker can be even better. Do you blame him?? I really do not. The guaranteed money if NE did not give him that may indicate that the team knows of a possible medical problem and is protecting themselves,while AV wants that money up front. Seems fairly reasonable though...on both sides. The fact that NE was still negotiating yesterday puts a take on it all.

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