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    The Patriots have scored 48 points or more four times this season. From the start of 2006, the entire rest of the league boasts four other 48+ point games in 826 tries.

    Reche Caldwell led the 2006 Patriots with 760 yards. Randy Moss passed him in Week 8 (779 yards). Caldwell, meanwhile, has yet to catch a pass for the Redskins this year.

    The Patriots have scored 38 points or more seven times this season. They had reached 38 points just 13 times in the previous seven seasons under Bill Belichick, including playoffs.

    On the road for six out of its first 10 games, New England has posted wins of 24, 21, 21, 21, 4 and 46.

    The Patriots don’t have a single player with 100 carries through 10 games.

    Patriots tight ends (including Mike Vrabel) have 32 catches … and 10 TDs.

    Through 10 games, the Patriots are +254 in point differential. The 1985 Bears were +258 for the entire season.

    Tom Brady’s game by game TD pass totals: 3, 3, 4, 3, 3, 5, 6, 3, 3, 5.

    Tom Brady’s worst passer rating in a game this year is 95.2. Brett Favre, a legitimate MVP front-runner in any other year, has a season rating of 98.6.

    The top three all-time marks for completion percentage in a season are 70.55 (Ken Anderson, 1982), 70.33 (Sammy Baugh, 1945) and 70.28 (Steve Young, 1994). Tom Brady is at 74.0.

    Neil O’Donnell is the all-time leader in career interception ratio, throwing picks on just 2.21 percent of his passes. This season, Brady is at 1.18 percent.

    In four games against the AFC East, Randy Moss has 28 catches for 548 yards and nine touchdowns.

    No Patriots defender has more than 36 solo tackles; 12 different Pats have at least 20.

    Including extra points, kicker Stephen Gostkowski is 65 for 66 on the season.
    The Patriots have yet to attempt a two-point conversion.

    New England is fifth in rushing yards per game (131.8) and tied for fifth in rushing TDs.

    The Patriots have lost just three fumbles in 316 carries, second-best ratio in the league behind the Jets.
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