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Interesting articles on Security Lapses...Hasan/Detroit..

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by DarrylS, Dec 31, 2009.

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    Seen bits and parts of this before, but first time put into synopsis form... not sure how the last day's stuff would have avoided the tragedy, but the prior stuff should have raised red flags... this and what happened in Detroit shows what lemmings we were to sacrifice our personal liberties for a another mega department in the Government.. that still cannot communicate with each other..

    Wasn't the major claim that we missed warning signs about 9-11... because various agencies entrusted with our security did not connect the dots.. both of these cases show how absurd our false sense of security really is.. all we do as a country is pour more and more cash into agencies, who then feed it to contractors, who always need more to pay for their K St. Lobbyists... the whole thing is quite absurd...

    The below caption is quite telling and prophesized that this guy was a threat, but somehow it either never got reported, was reported and ignored or was reported innapropriately...

    In aftermath of Fort Hood, community haunted by clues that went unheeded

    Plot exposes fissure in U.S. intelligence community | Reuters

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